Working Hard!! “Sims 4” Ep.6

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20 Responses

  1. Rosie Bell says:

    Keep likening these videos guys 🙂 

  2. Maxine Knight says:

    Second comment and 1 or 2 view

  3. John Ramos says:

    Make zack a comedian

  4. AviatorGaming says:

    Hey guys the other episode today didn’t upload for some reason. I’ll make
    it up to you guys tomorrow I promise! 

  5. vedide fanuscu says:

    You are awsome 1 day 6 episode 

  6. carter cummings says:

    Boo do 1k up load

  7. Grace Goan says:

    Does anyone know if there is any map view in the sims 4 or is it just
    loading screens?

  8. Cody Floyd says:

    you have two of the same animal pictures next to each other. 

  9. NKJbeast says:

    hes upload this too fast…

  10. zarasofeacakery says:

    Umm don’t you know that you can travel?

  11. MonkeyMaster8 says:

    So i got the game, but when i created the sim and chose the house, it just
    crashes, then says that the save file is on a newer version of the game,
    please update your game, but its up-to-date for me

  12. Uprora says:

    Hurry up and like it bitches

  13. kidarmy says:

    Make university life series

  14. Jasmine Rosier says:

    So r they all brothers and sister or one of them is married

    Also:Do more Mafia ones I like them better

  15. Cooper Quick says:

    Pancake Bob!

  16. Plopper Puppies says:

    Pancake BOB!

  17. Ethan Williams says:

    Aviator plz create the Sims 4 mafia that would be pretty awesome!

  18. Matt Rabeuf says:

    Is it on steam cuz I can’t find it

  19. Alex Hoang says:

    why do u take screen shots all the time

  20. Mr Minecraft says:

    when dose sims 4 come out

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