WooHoo Time!! “Sims 4” Ep.9

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20 Responses

  1. Samantha Duckhorn says:


  2. OverlordGaming says:

    Hey aviator can you make a sim of me I’m a very fit person tall brown hair
    brown eyes i want to be the president I’m in high school my style is a mix
    of nerdy and jock it would make my day if you add me to your sims 4 world 

  3. Mcgamer Dunne says:

    Under 300 club

    I’m number 117

  4. heck yah says:

    I subscribed when he had a little over 40,000 subscribers

  5. kiwismasher7 says:

    I wish I had the game.. :/ it looks really fun to play.

  6. Boaz Sardjoe says:

    Zachs mom is a dirty slurh

  7. chewyguy123 says:

    Aviator u do realise u can upgrade stuff with the parts u find

  8. Jack Di says:


  9. Heather Bennett says:

    You have no homework because you sold the books :P

  10. jovan lima says:

    Barack Obama sent me here

  11. Ryan Nicholson says:

    Aviator u don’t know how to sim

  12. macst9 says:


  13. Zayanz says:


    To be pissed off at “first” commenters.

  14. Erick Rodz says:


    we gave you a lot of support!

  15. XriderGaming says:

    Anyone find it weird that don looks like zack when he is normal

  16. narwhalSTUDIOS says:


  17. Olivia Smart says:

    Can you get the sims 4 on Mac?

  18. natanael perez says:

    it’s getting hit in here

  19. Amina Bello says:


  20. Alazya Minor says:

    Date the goth’s daughter she’s a teen.

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