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  1. my name says:

    The sims are not very realistic for people my age. I think Will Wright did a brilliant job with the sims franchise and now Paralives will probably take over in that department. I think Will Wright can do a fifth version of a simulation but with a different name, like “us” or something. Then he gives much more weight to the game, like completely open world were sims can take a boat or plane to another country without a loading screen but actual travel, with cabin crew or something to pass the time. Then the problem were sims are at social gatherings like weddings but not behaving according to protocol is huge. Sims are exchanging vows and others get up to eat the wedding cake or start chatting, lol. In the new game he could create patterns of behaviour that are appropriate for the event, like sitting down at weddings or funerals and not fighting in public for no reason. I liked the sims but it is too limited and pointless. Sims also need to have religion and stuff like that. Will Wright truly left a legacy for his family with the sims and maybe he can do the version of this game that I dream of someday.

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