WE GOT PREGNANT! – My Life in The Sims 4

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20 Responses

  1. Madeline Lees says:

    at 16:28 ariel runs past the window


    Do not exercise so much I did it and shrunk the tummy

  3. JadeCraeCrae says:

    U meant she got pregnant…..u can’t be both pregnant

  4. CarFlo says:

    Hi baby.

  5. Alexis Brookhouser says:


  6. Alex Ortiz says:

    Play skyrim

  7. omgIts Lovepink844 says:

    wat website do i go to, to dowload the sims

  8. Lana Vallejo says:

    Carflo is love…..
    Carflo is life <3.....

  9. Zezo Rr says:

    Plz more

  10. Isacrazy17 says:

    Oliver is so cute

  11. Catherine R says:

    I just saw Arial running outside of the window when you were in their

  12. David Rojas says:

    for sho
    hi carlo your awesome !!!!!!!!!!

  13. MyCraft King says:

    Oliver is Legend! Cx

  14. True MaxWolf13 says:

    Wait +CarFlo your pregnant? 

  15. michelle martinez says:

    when i think of mika i think of miku a vocaliod :D

  16. MC John says:

    You should do a baby shower

  17. adolfo perez says:

    “Shes breaking stuff becuase i broke her ooohh nevermind.” Lol rolf nasty

  18. Olga Perez says:

    if its a girl name it peach btw your having twins

  19. James Bradley says:


  20. pinky81 and creeperklr79 says:

    12th comment

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