Ts3 Subscribers Edition ! #2 : Fire-pit Walk Challenge !

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  1. WhiteOreoCookiez says:

    A pranker decided to put a marijuana plant in the house and call the cops
    as a prank but the police had drug-sniffing dog and arrested both of them.
    Whiteboy7st stopped smoking completely two years ago. I don’t think they’ll
    break up. It was all because of a joker. >:( Shoulda arrested the joker
    instead of them 🙁 I love both their channels very much. I’m getting mad
    that people looked at the profile of the arrest and saw her weight. People
    are calling her fat now because she’s 5″4 and 220 pounds. 🙁

    Edit: Saw this photo. Check it out. It’s about Kelly and Alex.
    Alex retweeted that and said it made him smile 🙂

    Whiteboy said on his twitter that he will update everyone on the situation
    when he can.

  2. Blitz Knight says:

    Holy cow!!! I was worried if I lost the firepit challenge but when I saw
    that Elise Johnsen didn’t make it. I was like “I am so sorry, girl!” Elise,
    if your reading this, I’m sorry that you lost!

  3. Brianna C. Pone says:

    This has to be the best series I’ve seen since I first saw KPopp’s hunger
    game challenge. I really hope everything works out w/her and Whiteboy7thst.
    I hope whoever pranked them gets in trouble because that’s not fair that
    they get arrested for something they didn’t do. And, I hope you can figure
    out everything for University. I know it was also hard for me when I was
    first trying to go :-)

  4. Karly Skellington says:

    I feel bad for Elise, Lilian did lose the first one by herself too, maybe
    Lilian and Elise should have competed between the two of them. But I’m glad
    she didn’t have to die, or anyone else!! Yay!!
    I was scared I’d lose cause I was slow to do the running challenge lol
    *Guys, we’re the strongest competitors! :D*

  5. Lilyan Rose says:

    (I comment later)

  6. Jonathan Nowicki says:

    If whiteboy7st didn’t meet kpopp then this wouldn’t happen

  7. Isolla M says:

    Are you trying to ruin my stylish figure? Haha. Awesome! I thought for
    sure, I’d be the first one out. Yeah! I’m playing with the big boys and
    girls now….

    Luke, thank you so much for your dedication to your fans and subscribers.
    You’re giving us great videos everyday. Editing and filming takes up a lot
    of time and energy. However, your future is important too. A person can
    only do so much. So maybe cut back some taping and take a day off for
    yourself. You worked so hard to enter the university, it’s a big and scary
    step but you need to take that step forward. It might get easier, it might
    get harder but you won’t know for sure until you go. Good luck. 🙂 

  8. tHeCrAfTiNgTuRtLe says:

    Ohhhh thank goodnessssss I found out that they will be released now for the
    mathKpop +Whiteboy = X

  9. tHeCrAfTiNgTuRtLe says:

    OMFG kpopp got arrested noooooo

  10. Cs611 says:

    will anyone be killed or kicked out soon……LET GETS THIS THING
    ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  11. Lilyan Rose says:

    *Slap my self*
    Failure! You know better, you’re the best!

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