The Sims Report with Rachybop – Episode 7

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9 Responses

  1. Andreea TDM says:

    27 B|

  2. Dee's Reverie says:

    Well my played time says 26 hours but that isn’t entirely true. The hours
    include the time I spend in the demo as well, hehe. So all in all it’s
    about 4-6 hours only so far. I received the game on the 4th but I have just
    been so busy lately. Hopefully I can manage to squeeze some game time in
    this weekend! :-)

  3. magggie22 says:

    Is it recommended that everyone download the patch….or is it only
    necessary if there are problems with your game ….thanks for your help
    with this appreciate it 🙂

    Magz 🙂 

  4. Matias Lahdensaari says:

    34 hours.. :’D

  5. magggie22 says:

    Played for a LOT of hours and the game cut out on me and stated that The
    sims4 is no longer working…..not happy with that….. it cut out and went
    to my desktop…. not sure what that is all about…..
    maybe it was telling me it was time to take a break LOL….. love the game
    though 🙂

    have subscribed 🙂

    Happy simming everyone 🙂
    Magz 🙂 

  6. AngelLilly says:

    So far I have played 81 hours….

  7. Callum Young says:

    31 Hours

  8. lizzyhowe27 says:

    I have played 28 hours

  9. SimManiac383 says:

    I have played 50 hours of the game 😀 I’m in love!

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