The Sims Report with Rachybop – Episode 3

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5 Responses

  1. sigthor1945 says:

    I’m really looking forward to the game. All the people who are so negative
    and sceptical about it will no doubt be buying it without telling anyone.
    Though they’re vocal now once they try it they won’t be vocal about how
    good it is even though they’re enjoying it. I don’t understand why people
    have to put something down when they haven’t even tried it and all this
    hysteria over the game is just so childish and irrational. All the anger
    too, this is a base game people, and a really good one too. 

  2. Sophie R says:

    Could you please do a video on clothes and stuff. Because i know the create
    a sim demo isn’t showing all of the clothes. So if you have any future
    information please share it with us. Great videos. Thanks for reading this.
    Thanks Sophie xox

  3. Mads D says:

    And where is that link to that list, I wonder? ;-)

  4. Dee's Reverie says:

    Thank you for bringing the CE problem to everyone’s attention 🙂 I am
    really enjoying these videos!

  5. SimManiac383 says:

    Agreed, the sims 4 is brand new and different, I’m very excited, I’m
    focused on the positive and I’m happy to see everything that will be in the
    sims 4

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