The Sims Report with Rachybop – Episode 2

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4 Responses

  1. sigthor1945 says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m getting the game and really looking forward to
    it. But I do have some concerns about the game. One being that we can’t
    split level a house anymore. We can raise the wall height, but that raises
    all the walls on that floor level. Someone who has played the game said
    that they’d built their house, then tried to build a Gazebo outside and
    because they’d raised the house walls the Gazebo walls automatically were
    raised too. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t raise the 2nd floor as well.
    Though a lot of the time and effort has been taken out of building it also
    means that it’s also created some difficulties eg. if you change the wall
    height any windows you’ve placed, or wall patterns MAY disappear and you
    have to redo them, thus creating more work. Another concern is that each
    neighbourhood has only two lots, the largest lot being 50 X 50. Add that to
    the fact of only being able to have a two storey house it makes building
    somewhat limiting. I can only hope that they’ll address these problems in
    patches or expansions. Also so far the only custom content that I’ve seen
    has only changed items already in the game, I’m hoping that isn’t going to
    stay that way and that future CC will be on top of what’s already there. I
    just wish that the 4th of September (Australia) was already here so that
    all of my questions and concerns could be answered. ☺

  2. wendy wulleart says:

    Great report thank you x OMG i would love one of those scooters 

  3. Dee's Reverie says:

    Again, well done Rachy 🙂
    Other EA/Sims news: EA have made my CE go bye bye 🙁 Apparently they have
    withdrawn any planned CE shipments to smaller stores in the Netherlands (I
    don’t know if other countries are affected). So the bigger stores here will
    have the exclusive rights for selling it. To bad they are already sold out
    there, so no CE for me then 🙁
    I am going to order the Digital Deluxe instead so this set back won’t stop
    me from getting the game at least, hehe. But I just thought the community
    should know this, since others seem to glance over it. My source of
    knowledge from this subject is the mail I received from the store I
    pre-ordered the CE from 🙂 I will gladly show a copy of it if anyone is in

  4. Linda Hedelund says:

    If i was on your channel and not the sims and you told me to lump it, i
    would never watch you at all. to bad for you.

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