The Sims Live Broadcast – The Sims 4 at Gamescom 2013

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50 Responses

  1. John Barrett says:

    16:01 is that Curtis?

  2. Kels Bels says:

    I’m very exited for the sims 4, but I’m very bummed that you don’t have
    create a style. Now I won’t be able to customize the hair colors :(

  3. Zachary Buchanan says:

    I’m having really fun!

  4. Jessie Parente says:

    With high heels, will it actually give the sim hight? Or just lift their
    feet? Ps: who knows where that place is? I want to visit!! Please can you
    guys release it early! Some of us will die before it gets released

  5. Lily Wagner says:

    She kept going soooooo!

  6. Brianna Bayes says:

    18:54 Bella Goth poster! :D

  7. lamarization says:

    I don’t like how the sims look tf eww they went back wards

  8. ClearWater130 says:

    The girl is freaky. So when is the sims 4 coming out?

  9. Emo ChickStarCast says:

    i think they should create more clothes because it doesn’t look like
    there’s a lot and i know i would get bored if i kept seeing or picking the
    same clothes over and over again.

  10. DontaySmith1o1 says:

    CAS changed so much since this broadcast.

  11. George Davis says:

    How come there’s only 3 traits now and 5 in this video?

  12. Andy O'Neill says:

    Show actual game footage! Don’t make such a huge hype out of the “Create a
    Sims” mode, that’s like 5% of the game. I wanna see the neighborhood and
    items, building tools, jobs and activites! Not always the “Playdoo-Sims”
    mode. PLEASE show us ingame videos already!

  13. Tatiana Marie says:

    They finally have a release date 🙂

  14. SimpleOrigins says:

    I was wrong there is only curved fences which are items and no curved walls
    are confirmed.

  15. Thekarmicdouche says:

    You know what would sell?
    Like so they can see!

  16. Nayaishere says:

    I have into the future and i pre-ordered sims 4 c;

  17. JessiTheWorst says:

    At 29:00 or so when the winners of the competition walk up, for some reason
    I just LOVE the girl in the green shirt!

  18. Alex Beltre says:

    I think the makers should also do a sims 3 to sims 4 converter. That why we
    can keep our favorite sims 3 sims, without havering to re-create them

  19. LittleBanyan says:

    She is very perky.

  20. End the Sky Music says:

    @ 16:00 +Curtis Paradis

  21. Jessie Leigh says:

    Hi guys, I want to know if you. Can do a visual gameplay of the game in
    town mode and build and buy showing us about a lot of the stuff, because if
    it’s like the sims3 for the 3ds, and only has two spots to visit, and a 2d
    backdrop, I don’t think I would like it, the sims 3 for the 3ds has the
    same face looks, and hair as the sims4 sims. Please do a town mode play and
    build and buy mode play through. Thanks! :)

  22. Drina McDonnell says:

    Im so excited for this so very awesome, though I do wish that it was not as
    cartoony but I will get over that anyway awesome game cant wait till fall

  23. Zachary Buchanan says:

    I got the sims 4 create a sim today! I make my sim same thing in the sims 3
    and I’m 12 years old and I’m the biggest fan of the sims 4!

  24. Stijn de Wilt says:

    She is awesome!

  25. Sub Seco says:

    I hope they don’t take aways the mod support. That’s one of the biggest
    selling points. Community made clothing (and other stuff) for this game is
    just awesome!

  26. Sean Vandersteen says:

    Is Rosana from Simsnetwork here? 

  27. Zachary Buchanan says:

    If I look in maps 

  28. Diede Tops says:

    Will you still be able to change the color and patterns of the clothing ?

  29. GranMarqueeLP says:

    New CAS video May 14th

  30. Michael Tzanakakis says:

    Oh god the girl at 30:10 is wearing TARDIS earrings. I fangirled a little.

  31. Lala lalala says:

    they’ve changed the design of CAS so much from this video LOL

  32. Janice Herben says:

    Finally boots and pants that cooperate!!!!

  33. 1996optimus says:

    They maybe an expansion pack with Toddlers, and you can torture your Sims.
    One way to do this: Amputation.

  34. EmisonForEver Pll says:

    when are we going to get the demo

  35. Omar Andino says:

    I really like that they look like cartoons. 

  36. veverica360 says:

    I kinda got used to the cartoonish look but they even said that’s pre-alpha
    so it’s even gonna be better! 🙂
    I just wish they added curves you know, not just a round stomach
    and I’m a little scared that CAS will be too complicated? can that happen?
    Because you can pull to one side and then another and it just messes up.

  37. mark williams says:


  38. LuvHollyleaf1245 says:

    Do we have to pick from different hair colors or can we make our own like
    in The Sims 3?

  39. Nastia Osipowa says:
  40. Katelyn Harned says:

    I think their baby clothing and also their Torgler clothing but also the
    toys and things and swings and things that go along with those also maybe
    get baby car seats and new highchairs and new varieties of cars also baby
    swings or something would be good bouncers also pay close attention to hats
    and outfits like to change every day if you like you don’t have to really
    that would be great options for the Sims next time when you come out
    another game
    PS you should all also think about it she resets uncleaned crib’s baby
    blankets also other things you could put in the Cribs like toys or anything
    though going to a baby craving something we can design your own nursery we
    could pick from a blueprints and just maybe something like that would
    really improve the game and sim world and it would be very very very very
    pleasant to to see that in some of the next sim games

  41. Amya Johnson says:

    but do they not get that height is part of direct manipulation?

  42. 7BeAsT9 says:

    Why they make this game only for retarded kids. I liked sims 1 and I was no
    kid then. Now this sims game are so f…. childish. That woman presenting
    this game is so freaking infantile. Sick.

  43. Li Lyrics says:

    that girl freaks me out
    she is saying everytime sooooooooooooo like a wierdo
    and laugh about bullshits
    and OH MY GOD i am scared

  44. Jessie Parente says:

    Please can you release this early, I’m gonna cry! It’s so amazing and looks
    really good, can’t you just release it now and when you makes new stuff
    just add it to updates? Please I’m desperate for the sims 4!!

  45. julie hays says:

    I started playing the sims at 5 years old and im 13 now. I am soo excited
    for the sims 4!!!

  46. andreanna99 says:

    It’s not that hard to add height into it!!!

  47. ebony kerford says:

    i saw james and curtis! :’)

  48. gem777742 says:

    lol it says “die” sims

  49. Raylyn MoCo says:

    CAS looks awesome! I wonder what the kids and teens look like! I also
    wonder is there is going to be tweens (in the middle of kids and teens).
    Also I wonder is there are going to be more walk styles with new expansion
    packs! That would be cool! Oh and emotions too!

  50. Jonathan Elliott says:

    What EA should do is release the CAS tool for anyone who pre-orderd the
    game. While it wont be actual game play but maybe like a tutorial then you
    can just play it as long as you want. Save your creations so you can use
    them when the game really does come out? Thumbs up this comment so EA will
    see it. 

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