The Sims Live Broadcast – May 23, 2013

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50 Responses

  1. Looissifly says:

    Hello! I’m trying to do some tutorials about the sims 3! Please watch some
    of them and subscribe! 😀

  2. Derek Thomson says:

    Broadcasting now. : )

  3. missstuck234 says:

    seasons is all ready out and sims 4 is coming out i know but they proably
    will get on eps faster when it comes

  4. Briana Alvarado says:

    I agree with #71 also because i got some content from the exchange and it
    came with a topless “shirt” that i didnt know about and some sim in sunset
    valley was walking around with it… i was so disturbed…but at the same
    time it was pretty funny ○_○ :’)

  5. Amelia Thompson says:

    4:32 people! Finally.

  6. BlueSkye478 says:

    I agree with #71, I think sims that you see walking on the streets and such
    should wear normal clothes, not just random. Unless their insane or
    something lol.

  7. Yasmin Srour says:

    yes but there must be an option to turn on/ off the online thing

  8. AnoukTutorials says:

    numer 123487879: create your own city (and not the shitty CAW that never

  9. Yasmin Srour says:

    and braces and acutially getting ready to prom like doing nails and hair
    buying new clothes and shoes ( I feel like the sims 4 is going to be all
    about girls )

  10. Mr. SW3D3 ^_~ says:

    Girl.Don’t put a limit on sims. That’s just so funny I forgot to laugh

  11. Becky Hulley says:

    Improve the way the game is built. It’s awfully built and has tonnes of
    faults and crashes.

  12. Sonataro Vile says:

    In the sims 4 I want to see a bit more illness like its ment to be like
    real life right? And I think like broken bones and stuff would be really
    cool like you can’t go to work and your sim is limited and there would be
    support groups and omg that would be the bomb is that weird? O.o

  13. Skiptags says:

    Id like more than 1 City when you only have the Basic game. And please not
    so many Addons or don´t make them too expencife like the sims 3 addons…
    34€ is a bit too much!

  14. tehachi says:

    1. Ea games, you’re startng to have a fucking shitty reputation. Don’t mess
    this game up. 2. That’s all

  15. jker2012 says:

    Did I miss the broadcast? ._.

  16. Abigail Gilbert says:

    May 23 is my birthday

  17. Well It The Truth says:

    61.Height sliders 62.Better base game clothes 63. aging order , Baby ,
    Toddler , Small child , children , pre-teens , teens , young adults ,
    adults , elders . 64. No more Rabbit holes 65. more jobs 66. teen pregnancy
    67. more interactions for everyday familys 68. A realistic look 69. More
    drama at work , school , home 70. better decorated homes pre made 71.
    normal clothed sims not just random pieces thrown together 72. Bella Goth
    73. Summer Vacation for people in school 74. Natural disasters

  18. BlueSkye478 says:

    6. Ability to go grocery shopping in non-rabbithole grocery stores. 7.
    Table interactions like stealing a bite of food, blowing a kiss, etc. 8.
    All the romantic interactions like kissing upper arm, etc.

  19. Evan Ash says:

    want it for console[XBOX 360]

  20. Rachasaurus says:

    Is it just me? Or does the dragon valley family look like the cast of brave?

  21. Manicrafts Malucos says:


  22. charmde2008 says:

    Love sims

  23. Emily Collier says:

    My game gets REALLY slow and glitchy. I don’t have any mods or anything, I
    think it’s just that my computer is old-ish. But does anyone else have the

  24. Mr. SW3D3 ^_~ says:

    Ok GIIRL!You are starting to pissing me out here. Sims is about taking care
    of people or simmers in a world that looks like our own. So when they’ve
    already created a game about that, why not trying to make it as COOL as
    fucking possible. Thanks. To .You! party pooper #1.

  25. Direct Sims says:

    Suivez la conférence en live ! Au programme : les Sims 3 Dragon Valley et
    les Sims 4… Un résumé très bientôt sur le site.

  26. Liv Scott says:

    I do though think they should have more jobs and in game seasons as well as
    A few differing neigbourhoods for free. i.e a beach world, mountain world,
    inner city that kind of thing. Also what would be interesting curves for
    building purposes. If modders can, EA and maxis certainly can. I also think
    add dancing into the base game rather than downloading the studio from the
    store, I want to dance, don’t want to pay £12.00 for the privilege. More
    interactions in general would be good as well. .

  27. Liv Scott says:

    I don’t think periods are necessary particularly. I dislike them in real
    life why would I want watch it in a game? Coding for that seems a waste
    when you could channel it into not having rabbit holes instead. I do agree
    with that and the new interactions for toddlers which would be awesome.
    Height though might be a problem. Currently sim interactions are coded at a
    basic height. Start changing that you have to code the different
    interactions at all those heights.that is a lot of extra work.

  28. Ty Monae says:

    Whoa, chick. Please take a chill pill and calm down. You act like i’m
    fighting you when all i’m doing is saying the facts. While i’m sorry for
    being a “party pooper” the PRODUCERS like it the way it is. It mixes real
    life with fantasy because even though sims is AMAZING and adds so many
    amazing things at the end of the day it’s still a game. No game in the
    world is that realistic and some of the things you guys put probably won’t
    ever be. So please take some anger management classes jeez.

  29. Kierra Jones says:

    they just need to make the game as realistic as possible

  30. TheFunyvideos says:

    This is on my birthday

  31. LunaTheNeko3 says:

    32. more actions and things for kids. like wetting the bed, coloring books,
    learning to ride a bike…. 33. Jail. Some sims need to go to jail 34. more
    plants! 35. the reference or “turn on” choices

  32. Emcahnn says:

    @TheSims curved buildings or domes or maybe even glass walls. It might be
    kind of cool if you could create infinity pools or if your house was on a
    beach, to swim in the ocean instead of having boundaries where you have to
    leave the whole lot.

  33. Radioman974 says:

    – le retour des cinématiques et des familles emblématiques qui me manquent
    et payer 20 euros pour une ville afin de retrouver une famile des sims 2
    c’est un peu chia … pénible :X – pas de tabac de cigarette ou de jeux
    sexuels bizarres (pour ca il ya gta et playboy the mansion … ) – plus de
    traits de caractère (environ 75-90 quoi) et que ca ait vraiment une action
    visible (mettre chanceux et juste avoir le trait de bonheur “jour de
    chance” c’est bof)

  34. keFUNKNEY101 says:

    My expectations for the sims 4 are as follows: 1) Better graphics- sims 3
    looks horrible, especially the sims themselves 2) less rabbitholes- work
    places like city hall and such should stay closed for obvious reasons, but
    restaurants and shops should be full intractable 3)more animations- no
    spawning in car then putting it in pocket. That’s just silly
    4)pleasantview, strange town, and veronaville combined into a big town.
    (might be asking a bit much) 5) a bit more realistic in turns of body mo

  35. BlueSkye478 says:

    Things they should keep from the Sims 3: 1. Color wheel & ability to choose
    any pattern for anything. 2. Open world but w/ better story progression.
    Things they should bring back from The Sims 2: 1. Things you could do with
    babies(bathing them, changing them on the changing table, all the little
    interactions). 2. Open restaurants & diners. 3. Turn ons & turn offs but
    more advanced. 4. Car animations. 5. Ability to buy clothes in
    non-rabbithole clothing stores.

  36. Bartholo -meow says:

    Oh okay 😉 thanks

  37. ChristieMiss says:

    64. Seeing your child/teen in school like university 65. The ability to go
    to a different university and maybe customize your own. (But it won’t save
    until you have like all of the studies and stuff) 66. more skills 67. More
    careers 68. more hair and everything like clothes etc

  38. Briana Alvarado says:

    Plz NO RABBIT HOLES. Like when u go to a resturant and when your sims go to
    the hospital and when they go to work just to name a few.

  39. Анна Рудакова says:
  40. xXAwesomegamerXx says:

    May 23 is my birthday

  41. dana94a says:

    you can move to another town in sims 3, they added it in with Island

  42. The Mario channel says:

    Will There will be a new sims 3 game that will let your sim walk in a car
    door and see them drive

  43. Lanita Harris says:

    Ok somehow I can’t download Showtime, pets, and university life on my
    windows 8 computer!!! All I have on there is the base game, disel, monte
    vista and seasons!!! Please someone anyone help me!!!

  44. Jena Stein says:

    I want sims to be able to have more or more detailed interactions with each
    other. That maybe last just a bit longer as well?

  45. Mitsukuni Haninozuka says:

    It would be great if you guys added hair growth. And better graphics like
    the graphics with “the last of us” yeah. And more depth into personality.

  46. Aidan Biddiscombe says:

    We need a better townie system so that we can make our own townies in CAS
    and put them into the world without lots. Make it so they constantly walk
    between lots, so they don’t stay on one lot for ages walk on their own,or
    in pairs, (hold hands /talk to eachother while walking) react to
    weather/disasters panicking, hold things:
    coffee/wheelbarrow/shopping/texting yadada different types of posture while
    walking give them jobs and occupations (police/tourist/homeless) normal
    clothing for elder

  47. kareena jamieson says:

    It needs to be more realistic u a–hole.

  48. wettts2 says:

    Not sure what you mean by ” Bella Goth “. Like, what? Bella Goth in the
    game? Bella Goth solved mystery? Bella Goth in Strangetown? putting Bella
    Goth as 51 doesn’t really makes us know what is going on.

  49. Ty Monae says:

    Some of those are kinda much for a game.. o.e

  50. BlueSkye478 says:

    For #62 I think sims can already do that lol. I do agree with the rest of
    your ideas.

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