The Sims Live Broadcast – July 23, 2013

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50 Responses

  1. Jimin Shin says:

    Ahh what is 8PST in GMT (UK/Brtitsh) time?!

  2. Kathryn Lewis says:

    what type of laptop are you using because i’m looking to get a new one,and
    I want one that will run the sims 3 very well

  3. Tamara Jacques says:

    I think seeing lobster… That may be sold in restaurants.. Maybe the
    restaurant in The Sims 1,2, and 3 will finally not be a rabbit hole in The
    Sims 4!

  4. huldu says:

    Sims 3 is such a mess… you don’t realize it until you start piling the
    expansion on top of each others. The game has some serious optimization
    issues going on with the script engine. I can only hope they don’t pull off
    a sims 2>sims 3, if they do… it’ll be a fail of epic proportions.
    Hopefully at least they get their crap together and focus on optimizing the
    game properly this time around. I’ve spent well over $500-600 on sims 3,
    buying all expansion and and most store content.

  5. Mr_Reese says:

    In sims 4 I wish u could change hight :/

  6. lauren hockema says:

    You should make a sims3 camp expantion pack

  7. naughtyEagle says:

    could you please release a real open for business addon for sims 3. the one
    in midnight hollow was quite disappointing to many fans, no interactions
    with customers anymore. my sim just stands there waiting for a sale. 24/7
    or adding a zombie sim to do the work for me was a bummer. a customer buys
    something and the product is endlessly available. please release a real
    open for business or at least add some features to interact with customers
    and make selling goods limited amout.

  8. MewDenise says:

    Why don’t you just go and play a gangster game that has all that shit

  9. Zippaheadz says:

    TheQuxxn died in surgery and I dont know where it was first announced but I
    saw a lot of channels and people talk about itm you can also look at her
    main channel

  10. Damian Hird says:

    For the Sims 4, could you please 1: Make an a height slider, make the hair
    physics more realistic, and 2: Have the ability to edit your Sim’s
    personality in their bio (what you write in their bio creates their
    personality factors instead of you manually selecting them). of course, you
    could still edit their personality the old fashioned way (and leave the bio
    empty), but you can still do the bio/personality thing in advanced editing
    mode. please please please could you make this possible? 🙂

  11. Midnight Simmer says:


  12. BaconBoy says:


  13. Lillythegamer says:

    I dnt like sims 4 soo yeah…

  14. Blankname101 says:

    Excited to play sim’s 4

  15. __sarakellyyy__ says:

    An akward puberty stage is a great idea!!

  16. ModestMichelle says:

    I just want to take a second to (instead of shouting things I think they
    should add…) to thank the Sims team. These games have been awesome! I’m
    so excited!

  17. latrishaakilmerc says:

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  18. Jade Saxty says:

    WTF! As cool as this all sounds, I swear they stole Arcadia from Doctor

  19. madisyn james says:

    im so badly inlove with sims I really want sims 4 im so desperarte for it

  20. amyexpertfan11 says:

    They have height sliders from what i’v seen, I haven’t seen anything about
    Hair sliders yet though

  21. Crystal Ding says:

    I need some help! I updated my sim and it says I have no disc error what
    should I do?!

  22. Taylor Dawn says:

    Into the future comes out 1 day after my b-day!!!

  23. batchofcumber says:

    They said that they wouldn’t be putting in height sliders. :c

  24. NyxesRealms says:

    I haven’t seen height sliders, and all the coverage I looked at spoke
    against it. Height sliders aren’t in. I think hair grows though.

  25. Junior Dominguez says:

    werent they supposed to show gameplay 2day?

  26. BodourTV says:


  27. awakisiok says:


  28. Dionnah's LPs says:

    Fayebainbridge2012 I wish you could also say quxxn

  29. abdallahbjanaev says:

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  30. maudlovee1D says:

    I hope they do something with puberty and that kinda stuff, just things
    that are real. I think those fanatasy things are fun, but i just don’t like
    them tbh. I hope the sims 4 will be amazing (:

  31. MSPPRANKTV says:

    what are you talking about? did Quxxn die!!!

  32. wilcoxmcoralieg says:

    You are speaking the real truth, bro! I need to admit I have been playing
    this interesting video game and I’m liking what I seen up until now. So
    what do you think? check it out here…­­m

  33. ultrapokesim says:

    dragon valley in the future is sunset valley and SV’s future is oasis
    landing (new name).

  34. Marxeen says:

    sims 4 need a sims1.2.3 stuff pack

  35. Lauren Cook says:

    august 22nd is my birthday!!

  36. Carolina Miranda says:

    Omg the pictures do say a LOT about the sims 4

  37. connor gavies says:

    I just cant wait till The Sims 4 CANT WAIT ^_^ your awesome. 

  38. CharliesUberReads says:

    I think they are because there is a massive petition about putting her in
    Sims 4

  39. AllAboutStuffTv says:

    QUXXN 2014!

  40. Ellen Brown says:

    Where r we supposed to tune in on the 22nd of August?

  41. kxr210071 says:

    NO pleas No they will force you to be online all the time just like like
    sim city!

  42. Tony Stark says:

    I Will build iron man on the sims. I’m tired of the real iron man

  43. ThickIzBeauty says:

    Need to b able to hire a gardener

  44. lucjehey says:

    Well, I”m dutch. And can’t find the number ;S

  45. Master Gamer says:

    How could this be a spam?

  46. Cara Durham says:

    does anyone else get annoyed at how Ryan talks? i love sims but it just
    annoys me.

  47. Kitt Yee says:

    what the fu ck .. im not buying this expansion pack if sims 4 is coming
    out… they trippin’

  48. Tylerman42 says:

    you can already change the mood, on the pc

  49. Oudamseth Samin says:

    skip to 3:20 or kill yourself !!

  50. ThickIzBeauty says:

    Need serious amounts of new hair styles n need to be able to see inside
    restaurants n stores when sims go in

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