The Sims 4: WTF Liberty Gameplay PC

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11 Responses

  1. tahasin islam onon says:

    when summers baby will born

  2. H. Moses says:

    Man that was funny lol
    and the sound effect is the best …. best game play of sims 4 ever!!

  3. ChrisAC30 says:

    Lol if Liberty can’t do it then Dekap can ain’t gonna stop him he needs a
    baby momma and a side chick.

  4. Mindaugas Dapkus says:

    Man, I laughed so hard in this episode. You’re funny 😀 Waiting for more.

  5. Dekap says:

    Liberty, why do you have the shittiest luck?

  6. Beans4654 says:

    Lmfao best episode yet man can’t wait for more. You are the best commenter
    for sims 4 :)

  7. Calvin Cheung says:

    Dekap: the ULTIMATE WINGMAN! 

  8. CCDBOYS says:

    Could not stop laughing man Dekap ur the best

  9. tahasin islam onon says:

    find a boy for liberty

  10. tahasin islam onon says:

    if that happens to me in s4 i will kick her/his as 

  11. Two2 - Eclipse says:

    lol Liberty got dumped 

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