The Sims 4 Walkthrough “Pickpocketing Guests”

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20 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Farrell says:

    Goldy you’ve already posted this video. 🙁 

  2. epicman555 says:

    wrong video

  3. Casey Ebertowski says:

    this isn’t though he just put the end of the the other one at the beginning

  4. cyborge08 says:

    Wrong Video. Same as “Getting Swole” video.

  5. Ernest Decisto says:

    Make a better house now!!!!!!!!!

  6. ThisIsWrangles says:

    NO, this is Patrick 

  7. Weerapan Khatsutta says:

    I wanna know what is the song in the end of video 

  8. Jaden Martin says:


  9. Kid Zo - Call of Duty Tips and Tricks says:

    I feel like Ive seen this episode before lol. Re Upload money whore! nah im
    just playin…but forreal goldy you dun goofed bruh.

  10. Sergio Guzman says:

    This is the same video

  11. GBA Dallas says:

    goldy you know you can be a streamer in game

  12. Taylor W says:

    Wrong video

  13. EliteProductions™ says:

    every episode starts with “Im not doing the money cheat guys” why cant
    people just listen?? xD

  14. Luke Sheridan says:

    FIRST!!! no fuck off

  15. tomwest114 says:

    Same vid.

  16. Abram Andres says:

    Wrong video

  17. Dimitris Dimitriadis says:

    Don’t know why he reposted the same vid. 

  18. Firstname Lastname says:


  19. Brantsurvives says:

    Bun bun you done goofed reuploading the same vid

  20. Bane Chrismon says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Goldy’s Sim looks like Mendez from Orange
    is the New Black?

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