The Sims 4 Walkthrough Part 15 Gameplay Let’s Play Playthrough – FAILED PARTY

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20 Responses

  1. Alex Kalogero says:

    Ffs i hate da babies

  2. V3nu1 says:

    Sell the babies, the value!

  3. Muminah alphonso says:

    There’s a window between the dining room and kitchen it’s driving me crazy

  4. RabiiGames says:

    Yo please more Sims 4 less Destiny

  5. Fortex Flinx says:

    Just create a second floor, it will make things easier

  6. Apathzy says:

    plz remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room

  7. Isabell Shipp says:

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  8. CityGamer88 says:

    Scott i would be more happier if you do more sims 4 please i really enjoy
    the gameplay and you in it.


  9. anita74ali says:

    just got destiny it’s soooooooo good

  10. Dsyer PG says:

    Sell the whole house and make a new one.

  11. GermanDirkfoot says:

    Make all the family obese, that’ll be funny

  12. LadyCeag840 says:

    For the love of God, give this poor family some Toilet Paper!

  13. Kaito .Link says:

    2 babies lol you need to stop fuckin !!

  14. Don Corleone says:


    Make longer videos

  15. RedBrothersLP says:

    Can Jenny finally grove up on teenager? 

  16. Chandler Lewis says:

    You should move the roof out to cover the dining/piano room, and the bit
    that covers nothing will be an overhand for the back porch

  17. Malek Bali says:

    can you plz create a second flore and a complete living room you have the
    money to by another sofa a chair and some decorations with a carpet !!!

  18. ryan bogle says:

    You really need a butler or a maid

  19. dragonshark97 says:

    make scott go to the gym and make him buff

  20. AussieBeauty28 says:

    Maybe you could move the girls room or the study or create a second floor
    so your not running out of space. :)

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