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  1. Dave Spoon says:

    Live commentary and maybe a bit longer for the episodes.

  2. Nik325Patel says:

    I don’t mind either live or pre recorded,

  3. trucker1278 says:

    Start a garden

  4. silentc0re says:

    [NEW VIDEO] Episode 1 of #TheSims4 – Choosing the Underground Career!

  5. Darius Seville-Williams says:

    Will be cool go see how the criminal career progresses

  6. luigi mario says:


  7. za0000222 says:


  8. Preston Vanevery says:

    Great video dude i think the way you did this video was pretty good, id
    like to see more like this, helps me with ideas of my own for my Character

  9. Tybug112 says:

    Live record but in maybe snipets

  10. TheThegamer321 says:

    Nice video Dan! Been wainting all day for this video 😛 

  11. repe0 says:

    I don’t get it, why no pools. I mean srsly?

  12. Kerozen says:

    This Sims looks bad as hell…

    Why do game companies keep making games for little kids -.-

    I miss the hard and practical old games instead of this new pieces of trash
    that need 0 brain power to play and all there is to the game is “beauty”
    and stupid fucking GUI

  13. Keidios says:

    Welp, it’s been fun. Time to unsubscribe.

  14. jamviral says:

    Play more runescape…. jk kind of, would like you too but meh do you get
    these kind of comments alot? (Have to make this clear this isnt serious)

  15. NotSoFamous says:


  16. Rs Jon says:

    Can you stream Sims possibly?

  17. Elevated says:

    I agree with most of the comments. Do them live and put it in the more
    interesting parts.

  18. Hype STAR says:

    still at it bro nice

  19. Ziggy900Productions says:

    I watched to the end. I’d rather have live commentary, then just cut out
    some of the longer, boring parts.

  20. Navily Score says:

    just go back to runescape man
    you will get more subscribe more views on ur vides more likes
    you used to make runescape videos only now this games… and other games

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