The Sims 4 Tutorial: Using ‘Manage Worlds’ to create your own basic Story Progression

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7 Responses

  1. April Mcginnes says:

    This is so easy thanks :)) 

  2. MrSpiritcaller says:

    This is immensely helpful – my Sims teenaged son was really lacking for
    friends! Thank you so much for posting this. Liked and subscribed and
    looking forward to your future videos.

  3. Addictive G says:

    Omg, it would be awesome to have people you know casually stopping by and
    actually forming friendships with people know in real life. 

  4. What Did I Tell You? says:

    Move your families into empty lots, and then evict them. It’s quicker that
    way, and there are no loading screens. They’ll still show up in your world,
    because I’ve seen a few of my sims that way even if they don’t live in the

  5. Onyxthegreat says:

    It’s so easy now that the randomize function finally creates some nicely
    dressed and actual believable sims! :)

  6. Archie Sims says:

    Cool! Thanks heaps.

  7. Falling Dice says:

    why cant you create new worlds

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