The Sims 4: The Story of Cheddar Stilton [1] – The Cheesy House!

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20 Responses

  1. Callum Finnegan says:

    Yes!!!! Ash you’ve finally decided to use sims 4 for YouTube! I always
    watch your streams!! And always stay cheesy ash!!! 😀 xD /o/

  2. aaron mclachlan says:

    Sims 10
    (10th Comment)

  3. AshDubh says:

    You buddies asked for it so here it is! My Sims 4 Let’s Play: The Story of
    Cheddar Stilton. ENJOY /o/

  4. Michael Billings says:

    You are AWWSOME AshDubh

  5. Jacob D. Richards says:

    Wait is cheddar stilton based off of those books called Geronimo Stilton?
    Like the children’s books? I used to love those

  6. endermen kitty says:

    Geronimo stilton 

  7. endermen kitty says:

    Geronimo stilton 

  8. mentaloliver says:

    Hi ash what is your favourite cheese 

  9. Molly Knight says:

    Hi ash I love your vids if you commented I would scream!!!!!!

  10. Maraltom Miney says:

    YAY SIMS 4

  11. Joseph Renshaw says:


  12. Brothercraft builds- Olliedog and Bse says:

    /o/ yeah I saw on insta ash I sent you a picture on a drawing its on
    facbook and instagram 

  13. TheMrEpicAwesome says:


  14. BeanieBooJodie says:

    Yay sims 4! I just got it! Will this be a new series?

  15. Gabrielle Campbell says:


  16. GamingMonkeyMan says:

    Yay! 232 views club!

  17. TheNetherMaster says:


  18. Lily Muller says:

    At 5:44 look in the back round in the lady in yellow. It just made me
    laugh. :)

  19. Flora PlaysMC says:

    😀 AMAZIN <3333
    Love the Sims 4 and Ash soooo much.
    So this is PERFECT :3

  20. ChristoXO9 says:

    Ash ur my Nr. Juan Youtuber! /0/

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