The Sims 4: The Date #3 (Let’s Play The Sims 4 Gameplay) [1080p HD]

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12 Responses

  1. Jonas says:


  2. CarL Jagger says:

    Great placement of face cam definitely keep it there 

  3. Luisa Freire says:

    The dating is Sims is getting hard! Could you try and move your camera a
    bit down the notification thingy?

  4. Sergiu Bcm says:

    Great video, Will, keep it up with Sims 4, you are really good at it! :)

  5. Adam Green says:

    What gaming console is it on?

  6. TheFlynn32 says:

    awesome video! really enjoying this series!

  7. Aidan Riley says:

    awesome will. henry is getting good at living! i hope he gets together with
    katrina! keep it up!

  8. Flash Gaming says:

    Nice vid Will great work!!!!!

  9. Dmytronicus says:

    Nice video mate!

  10. DeweyHD says:


  11. Joseph Moss says:

    Yep luv ur face cam

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