The Sims 4 |The Bachelor Challenge – Going Home!

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50 Responses

  1. Dawn Pack says:

    I think Imogen should leave next!

  2. jahmari allen says:

    Playing Favorites she’s keeping Marcella 

  3. erica96xo says:

    Wow, upset to see Val go when she had one of the most romantic
    relationships with Nolan, tbh if its going to come down to favouritism what
    is the point in the challenge? Surely the person with the lowest
    relationship at this stage should go? Valerie also got one of the best
    relationship with Nolan even though she got the least attention. Everyone
    says Valerie never stood out or there is no connection, well of course
    there is going to be no connection if all the focus is on the other girls.
    Imogen is not even friends with Nolan? Tatiana date with Nolan last part
    was a abysmal and Marcella didn’t even have that high of a romantic
    relationship. No hate just leaving my opinion, thanks for the videos Jen as

  4. Bryce Holley says:

    I think u should have a poll to determine who goes home because it stop a
    lot of people fighting and accusing you of favoritism and also us fans love
    when we affect the videos.

  5. CamWilliams says:

    I think you made the wrong choice. Definitely Imogen should’ve left.
    Valerie and Marcella had higher romance with him than she did.

  6. Tori Smith says:

    Imogen is like fighting with every one. And she is started to bug. Marcela
    looking like a hawtie! I love all but Imogen

  7. EPGpictures says:

    Valerie shouldn’t have left. Imogen was in the red, even lower than
    Marcella’s relationship bar. It should’ve been her, but I have a feeling
    she’s leaving next. No harm no foul I suppose. It’s your game Jenn and
    you’re free to play it to your heart’s desire. <3 Just wish you would've
    looked at the relationships closer because that's *supposed* to be the
    deciding factor. Next time. ;)

  8. Lifesimmer Addict says:

    Valerie should have stayed. Marcella is NOT in the red. You have so much
    favouritism to Marcella and Tatianna. Honestly, you played this challenge
    the opposite way. You are not supposed to have one favourite. I am not
    gonna watch this. I am only gonna watch Jessamica92’s challenge.

  9. Jack Ogle says:

    Hey Jenn! 😀 I have a cool idea for a lets play about the events after the
    bachelor challenge :3 It would include Nolan and his winning girl in one
    household along with Nolan’s son, and then Nolan’s Ex and mother to his son
    living in the same town along with the other 6 ladies from the challenge
    perhaps with family’s of there own 🙂 

  10. Sockersluvssocks says:

    I think Imogen and Marcel deserve a date to strengthen their romance
    potential. To see if there’s something to look into. I hate for them to go
    home, before they did all they could see if they could be something. Maybe
    date Delia and Tatianna if there’s time. I think it’s time see y our has
    the most effortless love. Love is natural, not force.

  11. Taylor And Dylan says:

    Im sorry Jen, but i thought Imogene should of left.. Valerie and Nolan had
    a connection, just my opinion.. I love you and your vids!

  12. NickStarrystar1 says:

    Please don’t say who you’re gonna do it at the beginning so we confined out
    and be surprised.

  13. Sims4Ever says:

    Ik think Delilah is the one for him. She isn’t too jealous., doesn’t want
    any drama, they have a real connection and she is gonna be a great mom.
    Imogen and Tatianna want it both just to much. Nolan isn’t going to be able
    to talk to other women if he is with Tatianna. She is going to be sad and
    scared that he would leave her. Imogen just isn’t the one. I’m not feeling
    it. Marcella is more a girl for a little fun but not for a long

  14. Denise Camara says:

    I don’t think Valerie should have left she barely got a chance to know
    Nolan since you never payed attention to her before the last episode and
    now poof she’s gone? Tatiana should have left she was awful on the date and
    thought about another guy she doesn’t care for Nolan anymore. But you keep
    her? Not sure I’ll continue watching this LP since one Valerie was my
    favorite and two you obviously already have your winner before it’s over.

  15. Brittany says:

    yo should make them all go camping!

  16. bailynn ballard says:

    You suck you really eliminated people who you don’t like now these last 4
    are your favorite not to be racist but Valerie would be the best choice
    because she AA and she’s perfect for him but you barely gave them time to
    connect so I’m just like……

  17. sierra v says:

    I love Delilah or daliah she my fav and I feel Imogen sorta has a love
    hate relationship with him and marcela sorta is shy and doesn’t fight over
    nolen so….. and tati has a connection with him but is sorta distant and
    lets everybody have there slice of nolen but im team Delilah/daliah

  18. otashu says:

    My favorite challenge yet.

  19. Amber Lynn says:

    Even though I love Delilah, I think Marcella should get the solo date. She
    hasn’t been able to have one on one time with Nolan for a while now.

  20. Madeleine v.d.V says:

    Jenn, honestly I think that Imogen should have gone because she has mixed
    feelings about him and whenever he makes a move on her, she rejects and it
    turns awkward. I know she’s a great sim and all but she just isn’t the
    right one… #Delilah4TheWin 

  21. KawaiiBubble gumPOP says:


  22. BloomingSapphire Blossom says:

    I think Dalieh, or Marcella is going to win 🙂 

  23. Carli Scott says:

    Can you post an updated mods folder!? ❤️

  24. XUrbanSimsX says:

    Yet another elimination, don’t forget to like and LEAVE your opinions!

  25. Storm Analysis says:

    Imogen should’ve went home, Valerie had the second best connection with
    Nolan next to Delilah. Imogen *never* had the romantic connection ever, and
    was in the red. When Nolan made the advance, it turned awkward and

  26. Angel am says:

    Imogen or Tatiana should get the solo date. Marcella should realize she’s
    walking a thin line and Deliah needs to realize that she is not good enough
    for him.

  27. Vendettis says:

    when are they gonna meet the parents?

  28. Kyra Pete says:

    I was actually kind of shocked that Val went home i was. really thinking it
    was going to be imogen.

  29. Fizzy Lifting Drink says:

    I feel like I am missing something in the LP. Where did all the easels and
    paintings come from that were in the yard? I’ve watched all the episodes
    and don’t recall those being there or anyone painting in the yard.

    TBH I haven’t had much to say about the play on this LP, but I do think
    that Valerie got the short stick. Her relationship was higher with Nolan
    than Marcella’s. 

  30. Madison Murachver says:

    Please don’t let Delilah go.

  31. BlueSaberKnight says:

    Dalilah deserves the solo date. Even though she knows Nolan flirts with
    other girls she stays calm because she knows that Nolan has a special place
    for her in his heart. She is the most composed of all the girls. 

  32. Kinsaur says:

    Aww, I’m sad Valerie left.. I guess I’m team Marcella now. Not a fan of
    Tatianna or Imogen though.

  33. S.A. B says:

    Wow… So Valarie didn’t want to get to know Nolan… Because you
    definitely gave her a chance… Because she didn’t kiss him on their first
    official date… Or maybe it was of course simply a favorites thing. I
    wasn’t asking her to win but at least a FAIR shot. I guess I have no reason
    to watch this anymore because obviously Tatiana or Delilah is going to
    win… Just wow

  34. xMoonlitSims3 says:

    Honestly, I think it should have been Imogen that got the boot. She’s a
    gorgeous Sim, but her and Nolan haven’t had any kind of romantic
    relationship in a looooooong time now. You keep saying that they’re “just
    friends” or “they don’t seem like they’ll be romantic”. But you keep Imogen
    around. Even though he hasn’t done anything with her in a really long time
    besides friendly stuff.

    I think the solo date should go to Tatiana. Kinda re-build things between
    them back to where they were. If she’s still around. I think it’s gonna be
    either Delilah and Marcella or Delilah and Tatiana.

    Looooove your LPs!

  35. Chelsea Boddie says:

    Tatianna: Looks too much like Nolan’s ex-wife and she’s too sensitive it’s
    a competition she needs to be sad for a little while and get it together. I
    think in the long run, her emotional problems would cause Nolan to be
    reminded of his ex-wife which may be the reason they hit it off so well in
    the beginning in the first place.

    Marcella: Hottie with a body. She would be that ride or die Beyonce Bonnie
    & Clyde type of girl and I can see the two of them together. They have
    chemistry and the IT factor. Nolan IS materialistic she would be like his
    trophy wife always dressed in the latest fashions happy to spend Nolan’s

    Delilah: Wifey material for sure. A perfect mother figure for Nolan’s son
    and to potentially have more children with she would be a definite
    homemaker and she’s really fit so they could do a lot of physical
    activities together like hiking, camping, fishing, cloud/stargazing.

    There are counters to all of these points which makes it an entertaining LP

  36. Zoe Howes says:

    I’m not a fan of Imogen she needs to go next.

  37. lexisworldag says:

    I just did the challenge.. Well just completed it! It was so fun! There was
    so many twists! It was so hard seeing the girls go but it was worth it
    because my (not any more) bachelor is getting married! Thanks for creating
    this challenge. 

  38. Allison Faith says:

    Please give Delilah the solo date! She definitely deserves it. #teamdelilah

  39. Chelsea Derieux says:

    #TeamDelilah 🙂 Imogen should’ve went home. Valerie had a connection. Oh

  40. Kilisha Johnson says:

    Your elimination was not fair in the least. I don’t care for non of the
    girls but personally for your viewers the girl with the lowest relationship
    should have been eliminated not your favorite. Right is right and wrong is
    wrong. You based your past eliminations on whoever had the lowest
    relationship with Nolan and that’s how the let’s play should continue and

  41. Destiny Aurora says:

    Marcela should get the solo date

  42. VB says:

    Wow you voted off the girl that had one of the highest friendship and
    romantic connections with Nolan. And you didn’t vote off Marcella because
    she was your favorite? In the past you’ve used those relationship bars to
    determine who would get voted off, and it really looks like you strayed
    from that this time around. Doesn’t seem fair anymore, Jen :(

  43. Katie The person who likes to LOL says:

    This is like one of those reality shows on MTV!!

  44. Christina Diane says:

    Do you think maybe you can do a poll like the viewers choose the winner of
    put in there input … just a thought so it’s fair for the viewers who think
    you’re showing favoritism (your doing great) but just a thought… love you! 

  45. PropheticProse says:

    Still absolutely #TeamImogen. Glad Valerie’s out, and I’m hoping Imogen
    either wins or at least goes to the final three with Tatiana and Delilah.

  46. Laniyah Jade says:

    I love your spin of this challenge Jenn, love your channel period. I would
    like to start my own bachelor/bachelorette challenge following your
    guideline. If any simmers are interested please submit your Sims for
    consideration.. Sorry for hijacking your page

  47. ellie bruss says:

    I #teamdaliah for the win❤️

  48. mbd14AJ says:

    Delilah and Tati <3

  49. Amanda Tomczak says:

    I think that Delilah should get to go on the first solo date, she’s only
    had one date with Nolan, and they have a really great connection. She also
    has been the most chill with everything that has gone on, she has yet to
    lose her cool over anything Nolan has done. Just a thought though :)

  50. Honey boo boo says:

    I think that Marcella should have left, she had the least relationship and
    shes had much more time with Nolan. But it don’t matter 🙂
    <3 the video. :)

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