The Sims 4: Stay Weirder – Weirder Stories Official Trailer

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  1. Julianadowns says:

    Hey EA, we want some real information about the game not these emotions
    things, we got it, we have emotions. I’d like to see the actual gameplay
    with someone playing it and seeing the tools and etc, the menu aswell.

  2. RealSimWivesHD says:

    Hey Pancake Bob, it could be worse ya know… You could have an ass as flat
    as a pancake. ;)

  3. svellene says:

    Is this Bob Newbie?

  4. MellosSims says:

    So.. Pancake Bob is now a thing. I swear I’ll have my sim marry him if he’s
    playable! I want a dysfunctional pancake eater in my household! 

  5. ikirya Lane says:

    This trailer made me giggle so hard. I can’t wait for the sims4 to come
    out. Getting it on September 2

  6. Ashe x says:

    dean is literally me

  7. Cornelius Brown says:

    Anyone know the release date for the Sims 4 CAS demo for everyone and how
    do you think people could get it since I and my sister weren’t special
    enough for it?

  8. DreamerStarlight says:

    No Kids/Babies, No Pools and then THIS?! Only good thing so far is the
    build mode with search function! Sticking to TS3 unless this becomes UBER
    amazing with a few expansions.

  9. chonosis says:

    That doesn’t sound very weird, it sounds depressing. :'(

  10. nittens says:

    Those cooking animations though!

  11. Epiphany says:

    He doesn’t always eat breakfast… But when he does, he doesn’t call
    household to meal.

  12. beyondsims says:

    He may be one of the least interesting Sims, but he is one of the coolest

  13. BananaMatt says:

    is this coming out on console?

  14. Crispin says:

    No pools…

  15. Maureen DeJay says:

    Do they have any children!?

  16. savannahandstuff says:

    This is so funny.

  17. Kathy S says:

    Who’s the narrator? He sounds so familiar.

  18. ButterflyRose. says:

    I hate how the hair looks so plasticy. Even the Sims 2 hair looked better! 

  19. PandaLeeGames says:

    So all it takes to make an ad is latching onto a meme that isn’t even new?

    Better see some Doge in the next one! Oh wait…

  20. Simified says:

    Totally me with the food on fire attempting to make pancakes! Hahah 29 days
    to gooo! :D

  21. Ray Coaster says:

    Fuck you EA!!! This game is 70 dollars and it has less features than the
    Sims 3. Your ripping everyone off!!

  22. simsweetie says:


  23. Brianna C. Pone says:

    I want to play this Sim soooo bad! His story has been my favorite so far.
    It would be really cool to just turn his life upside down. I’d have him go
    though a mid-life crisis. Get him a new car, a new younger girl, a new
    bachelor pad. Then, maybe he wakes up one day missing his old boring
    life…….YES I can’t wait!!!

  24. Jack Ogle says:

    What was the point to this video? -.-

  25. StickersNP says:

    Hmm, why does this trailer sound like my life. Well, at least I can make
    more realistic stories now 😀 

  26. Tisuto Brown Sims says:

    This game really does look great. 

  27. MelodySims says:

    sims 3 was about lamas and the sims 4 is about pancakes !!

  28. quizboy99 says:

    This is kind of long for a YouTube comment but PLEASE hear me out!

    This game is gonna be shit, you all have no idea how bad it’s going to be.
    You’ve deluded yourselves into thinking it’s going to be jam packed with
    tons of things to do when in reality, you’re going to be spending over $100
    dollars on store content and expansion packs. You don’t realize it until
    this game fucks up your computer. Even some of the best gaming PC’s can’t
    even handle the Sims 3 because it’s so picky about what system it’ll work
    for, it’s like trying to get a kid to eat their vegetables. The Sims 1 and
    Sims 2 had more content than this and the Sims 3. EA has always been and
    still is a blood thirsty company siphoning the money from all of you.
    Hardcore Sims fans will be sucked in and before they know it, their money
    is now forfeited to EA.

    No pools
    No toddlers
    no create-a-style
    no editing community lots
    Only one neighborhood(with fewer lots than the Sims 3 and Sims 1)

    Some of these things that have been staples in the series since #1
    I will never understand why you are all hyped for this game, it looks
    beautiful but that’s to hide EA slapping their greedy dicks.
    I need you all to know where i’m coming from, I’m was and still am a
    die-hard Sims fan. I played since #1, and gave up on the series at the end
    of the Sims 3. I stick to the Sims 2 now and looking at this. I shudder at
    what this is going to turn into.
    This isn’t Sims, It’s “DLC: the game”

    (and no, I’m not some idiot of JUST plays the Sims, I play Skyrim, Smash
    Bros, Resident Evil, pretty much everything out there, I love Sims because
    I grew up playing it, I don’t know why everyone’s insulting fans here but I
    thought I would clear things up regarding that)

  29. BuildItFilmItM says:

    This trailer makes me happy. :)

  30. Ponas Karusele says:

    Okay i like everything that was shown in this video, BUT why ea wasting
    their times to create some stupid Bob video if in this time they can work
    on sims 4 ?

  31. Umprella says:

    With the way EA keeps abusing it, “weird” is quickly becoming one of my
    least favorite words in the English language

  32. LordKarnage12345 says:

    WOW SO WEIRD AND RANDOM XDDDD!!!! Now if only it didn’t have less features
    than the sims 1……

  33. Rayykz says:

    MAJOR CONFIRMED MISSING: (All were in base versions of Sims 3)
    No create a style (CAST) – NOT technically possible in future expansion (x)
    No modifications to public space – The park in the demo is a mix of a
    community lot and public space (x1) (x2)
    No “normal” careers – Law enforcement, Medical, Business, etc. were removed
    NO OPEN WORLD – You can’t just walk from house to house without loading
    screen…(x1) (x2)
    No pools (x)
    No terrain tools other than paint – REALLY !?!?! (x)
    No story progression – Aside from Sim’s aging its out! (x)
    No toddlers (x)
    No way to create/place new lots – And you only have 2 empty ones! (patched
    into base Sims 3) (x)

    MAJOR CONFIRMED AS CRIPPLED/LIMITED/LAME: (All were in base versions of
    Sims 3)
    All buildings on a lot must either have/have not a foundation. No mixing
    for sheds, garages, etc. (x)
    Babies are mere objects – **ALL INTERACTION IS THRU THE BASINET, NO NEEDS,
    Backgrounds are illusions – The buildings in the background are not
    playable AT ALL in the game! (x)
    Completely FLAT building lots – That’s right we’ve gone back to living in a
    flat world! (x)
    Fewer floors/levels (x1) (x2)
    SIGNIFICANTLY smaller “worlds” of <25 lots compared to 125+ lots (x)
    Smaller lots - Lots are limited to 50x50 instead of 64x64. (x)
    Loading screens for individual lots (x)
    Teens are same height as adults and they along with elders all look nearly
    identical. (x)

    ALL OTHER MISSING GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS: (Were in base versions of Sims 1, Sims
    2, or Sims 3)
    No acne (x)
    No aliens (x)
    No animated hair (in Sims 2) (x)
    No aspiration failures (with shrink visit) (in Sims 2) (x)
    No babysitters (x)
    No bartender (as NPC) (in Sims 2) (x)
    No basements (patched into base Sims 3) (x)
    No bookstores(x)
    No burglars (x)
    No cars (including as décor in home) (x)
    No cemeteries (x)
    No cinema’s (in Sims 2) (x)
    No cleaning skill (in Sims 2) (x)
    No cloths shopping (in Sims 2) (x)
    No color wheel, predefined to ~20 colors (x)
    No comfort needs (in Sims 2) (x)
    No curfew (x)
    No customization of multi-tone hair color (users select only main color)
    No dinner proposals (in Sims 2) (x)
    No diseases or illness (x)
    No dreams (in Sims 2) (x)
    No environment needs (in Sims 2) (x)
    No eyelash length slider (x)
    No favorites (food, color, music) (x)
    No fears (x)
    No full face make-up (in Sims 2) (x)
    No garage doors (x)
    No gardeners for hire - Who is going to cut my lawn? (x)
    No ghosts (x1) (x2)
    No grocery stores (x)
    No male body hair (patched into base Sims 3) (x)
    No move object cheat (x)
    No newspapers (x)
    No opacity slider for makeup (patched into base Sims 3) (x)
    No party invitations from other Sims (ok this may be a duplicate as it is
    apparently part of Story Progression) (x)
    No private schools (or even on screen schools for that matter) (x)
    No rabbit holes at all - Sadly the fix was the sim goes off screen instead
    of fixing it so the locations were working lots (x)
    No random deaths (x)
    No repairmen (x)
    No repo man - Your toilets are now safe!!! (x)
    No restaurants (in Sims 2) (x)
    No skin slider (x)
    No swimming / swimwear - Including lakes, fountains, etc. (x)
    No tragic clown or social bunny (x)
    No way to watch the sim commute to work/school (x)
    No website for browsing exchange or store (its in-game only) (x)
    No Will Wright (in Sims 1 & 2)
    No zodiac signs (x)

    MISSING OBJECTS: (Were in base versions of Sims 1, Sims 2, or Sims 3. Could
    certainly return as Premium Content or with Expansions)
    No bikes (x)
    No changing tables (in Sims 2) (x)
    No cribs (x)
    No dish washers (x)
    No highchairs (x)
    No hot tubs (x)
    No pool tables (in Sims 1 & 2) (x)
    No trash compactors (x)

    32-bit executable - Intel has not sold mainstream consumer PC 32-bit
    processors in like 7+ years and it should have been 64-bit (to address more
    RAM which is very important to this game) (x)
    Fewer "actual" traits (new traits = rewards in Sims 3) (x)
    Fewer user selectable traits per Sim within CAS (additional ones assigned
    during gameplay) (x)
    Incompatible simpoint currency - DON'T BUY BUNDLES IF YOU PLAN TO USE THEM
    ON SIMS 4 (x)

    MOST LIKELY TRUE (not yet confirmed):
    No cashier’s (in Sims 2) (x)
    No create a world
    No exterminator (in Sims 2) (x)
    No swings
    Premium Membership REQUIRED to get certain sets on release day or at all

    STATUS UNCERTAIN (not yet confirmed):
    No inheritance (in Sims 2) (x)
    No interests (in Sims 2) (x)
    No magazines (in Sims 2) (x)
    No pinball machines (in Sims 2) (x)
    No way to water flower beds / bushes (in Sims 2) (x)
    No family trees (x)

    (This is from a Fourm Page what do You think?)

  34. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    Why does their jaw only move when they talk? It makes them look like

  35. Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer says:

    Greatest trailer yet.

  36. RogueScholarBlue says:

    Game looks solid. So much envy for the PC crowd. Know it’ll never happen,
    but wish those of us on next-gen consoles could get a well crafted port
    brought over. But not poor facsimiles like what they’ve tried in the past. 

  37. LifeSimmer says:

    Pancake Bob is literally me!
    We relate so much. Pancakes FTW.

  38. SimSugar xx says:

    u know when it says about new years eve party… does that mean there in
    the game? 

  39. lubylu312 says:

    Someone else needs to start making similar realistic life simulation games
    to make up for this train wreck.

  40. Lacey G says:


  41. Iron Seagull says:

    OMG this is legendary! Pancake Bob is actually an official thing now wow XD

  42. Ansett 4 Sims | RomerJon17 Productions says:

    0:07: If she has a cooking oil spray.. She’s in deep trouble! xD

  43. Christian15Always says:

    OMG I am tottaly never playing him :P

  44. Shandykey12 says:

    XD oh this is funny, but this still doesn’t make up for the pools and
    toddlers, but it’s ok I can wait, but I dare you if I have to pay for them
    then may the rage of a billion red plumbobs haunt you for the rest of your
    lifes!!!! (Insert evil face here)

  45. Gellegummi says:

    If people could stop complaining about every single aspect of this
    game…that would be great… I love these new graphics to be honest, I
    thought the TS3-sims was ugly as hell. I like the cartoony look of this
    game. Looking forward to it. Sure, some things may be sad that they didn’t
    include in the game, but if it helps making the game perform better, I’m
    all for it. The Sims 3 was a lagging hell if you had enough/all expansions.
    It is literally the only game my computer has to play on medium graphics.
    Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, DayZ, Max Payne 3 and all other games, all ultra
    without a problem. The Sims 3, still laggy as fuck.

  46. Haily92977 says:

    Cool, Can I get my damn demo now? I don’t give a shit if it’s coming out on
    the 12th. I have bought every Sims game, expansion, and stuff pack there
    possibly is from the Sims 1 to 3. The least you could give me is a demo
    that I’ll get bored of after 30 minutes. Stop giving it to Youtubers who
    never have played the Sims in their life and give it to your loyal fans. 

  47. LucasWiller3 says:

    Yeah we geti it. The Sims 4 is weird. You can creat great set-ups… but I
    wanna see the actual gameplay!

  48. Jessica Sanchez says:

    That was funny ! I’m glad they’r enjoying themselves with the game, its
    actually making me more excited for release ! :D

  49. GameGeek1221 says:

    wow… so deep

  50. Dearestnee says:

    The cooking animations looks TOO GOOD. Hope it’s in the game.

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