The Sims 4 | Springston Legacy – A Baby Is Born!

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50 Responses

  1. Akhira H. says:

    LMAO when Amelia fell out! Girl get up! That position how you got in this
    situation , lol…

  2. Cath Woodrow says:

    I think you should make lavender hate her dad and be a mummy’s girl but a
    goth c:

  3. Emaya89 says:

    Thanks for the heads up in the description Jenn bahaha. *Turns down volume*
    Now to watch!

  4. Addison the Simmer says:

    I wanted a girl so badly —- I screamed!

  5. MK Hobson says:

    Wow just watched the Barnes bros and now Amelia Mae is here! Woot!

  6. MineSims101 says:

    Have Amelia become good friends with Connor and make him move in with the

  7. usooicee says:

    Yaay a baby girl! I’m so happy, Zane needs a boo thang too!

  8. omar Malkawi says:

    For Amelia i would have preferred a girl. but me in real life i would shoot
    myself if my wife got a baby gender test and it was a girl.

  9. Holly Traynor-Paget says:

    Agh this is awesome

  10. Thebeautysimmer says:

    I think its realistic that sims can gain a little baby weight. Amelia looks
    beautiful as always though!

  11. AmazingStar says:

    I forgot are you ending this anytime soon? I hope not.

  12. XUrbanSimsX says:

    Amelia has her baby!! Leave her some love and a like!!

  13. Deanna Collier says:

    Please make the boys a man cave in a basement

  14. CignistBear says:

    Idea Timeee!

    Okay, so instead of continuing this as a legacy, you could play with the
    Springstons with the next expansion packs instead of creating a separate
    lp, this will cause you less stress and will allow us to be with this
    family more. Just an idea. :)

  15. INEVERSHUTUP says:

    I love love love that you put such emotion into these sims it really feels
    like they are real people and their stories are real and all these things
    are happening 🙂 that’s something not a lot of simmers do so I’m very glad
    I found you, I enjoy your lps immensely!

  16. elsie Lopez says:

    It’s a girl yeah yeah ! You had me laughing!

  17. avery benton says:

    You should use the cas.fulleditmode cheats to make them happy but only 2

  18. xXBrittany20Xx says:

    I wanted u to have a girl. I’m so scared that one of ur sons is gonna get
    eaten by that cute cow plant.

  19. Steffanie Abeyta says:

    SUCH a BEAUTIFUL name. Lavender… sounds so elegant! I SO wanted Amelia to
    have a girl, I thought she would come out SO pretty, I feel that since
    Amelia is so rebellious, that Lavender should be a girly girl and the next

  20. Kalina Watson-Roberts says:

    Love Amelia’s painting I think you should keep it and pass it onto her
    daughter is her first masterpiece, she can create others and sell them but
    the first one is rare.

  21. Vendettis says:

    I REALLY wanted Amelia to have a girl also, YESSSSS Lavender (I thought the
    name was going to be Amethyst) wasn’t that Amelia’s first daughter she

  22. Carolina Araujo says:

    Hey, jenn!
    I think you should give Amelia a whole new look! Like new hair and
    I am so happy it’s a girl!
    Also I think whoever messed up the relationship with Laura (sorry I forgot
    if it’s zack/zane) should get angry with himself. But, since she is a

  23. Evie Whyb says:

    I think Amelia needs a new hair style cos this one’s old now!

  24. megan fox says:

    Maybe Zane could hang out with Anya 

  25. Jennifer Gutierrez says:

    Love Amelia’s new outfit. Work it!

  26. Joy Smith says:

    What if Maxine De La Cruz comes back to help and comfort Amelia, and in the
    process they get together. I love Lavender and the boys!

  27. Coco Ohno says:

    I think Amelia should open up an art studio when the Get to Work Expansion
    pack comes out

  28. GamingWithShawnna says:

    I think Zane should be the heir to the legacy. Like you said, he has his
    fathers temper and it would be really interesting to watch him battle with
    that and try to become a better man than his father was. He’s going to have
    to overcome his anger in order to be a good provider for his family. Just
    my opinion (: 

  29. Kathryn Rush says:

    With the cow plant, you only feed it when the cake sticks out. That’s to
    show you that it’s hungry. You let it eat you and drain you if you want
    extra “emotion milk” as opposed to potions or something. It only fills up
    with milk after it feeds on someone. It has never killed any of my sims as
    long as you feed it when it sticks the cake out.

    Brilliant part, by the way! :)

  30. Emily9lol says:

    Omg her belly tho!!

  31. Taylor Yazmin says:

    Sorry Jen but I didn’t really like Amelia’s new look

  32. Simproved says:

    Lavender! <3

  33. Katie Kat says:

    I love the painting that Amelia started in this part. If you think that his
    beautiful, check out the work that it is based off of. That is an Alfonso
    Mucha painting. He does beautiful work and some of the women in them do
    look like our own Amelia May. Oh, sorry, that was my art historian minor
    coming out lol

  34. Jessika Davidson says:

    why when i play with Amelia all she has is twins .__.

  35. Cs611 says:

    Amelia just needs a break from boy drama and focus of her familia and her

  36. Deanna Collier says:

    everytime you say “zayn” I wanna cry my eyes out

  37. Mel Mel says:

    I did a ritual for Amelia to have a damn baby girl. Like seriously though,
    I think Lavender should be spoiled, but should be the total opposite of
    Amelia. Not a badass girl, but a more kind of edgy and girly girl type,
    except she is a b*tch. Like the popular crazy girl. That would be totally

  38. OfficialGirlySimmer says:

    Oh btw Jenn thank you for creating the bachelor challenge I’ve started it
    on my channel and I love it so much! You’re my simming inspiration 🙂 x

  39. Kinsey T says:

    Jenn your reaction to it being a girl was priceless

  40. Pam DeLeon says:

    How come you don’t post on XUrbanBeautyX anymore?

  41. CharmingDelinquent says:

    You should totally have a fallout with the twins, both of them liking Lara
    or whatever her name is and like, a huge thing of drama cause that’s what
    teenagers are, drama

  42. Marquis James says:

    Jenn PLEASE sell the cowplant in Buy mode, u can usually get a few hundred
    simoleans for it. Im scared we’re gonna lose someone to it! Cant wait to
    see how lavender is gonna look :)

  43. taye winston says:

    love the name lavender so much 

  44. Well It The Truth says:

    Lol when I saw him in her bed I thought of Norman from Bates Motel. Just

  45. Sabrina M says:

    Jen, the painting that you love so much is an actual famous painting called
    “American Gothic”

  46. darkprincess000jk says:

    Selling to the gallery I think appears when they paint a masterpiece. YUS!
    You used my name suggestion, I love you long time gurl 😀 <33

  47. ravenofhope says:

    I like Lavender! It’s cute and similar to Amethyst while still unique.

  48. Marquis James says:

    Also i nearly had a heart attack cuz i thought that was diego in the bed at
    the start of the video! Lol iwas gonna be soooo disappointed in amelia if
    theyd gotten back together off screen 

  49. MsAnimalworlds says:

    Every time you said Zayn, I thought of the band :(

  50. Hannah Tuck says:

    Jenn, to be, Amelia’s new outfit doesn’t say ‘mom’, it says more… early
    twenties, maybe hooker? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem appropriate for
    a single mom of three to be wearing that kind of stuff – just my personal
    opinion though! Keep doing what you’re doing :)

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