The Sims 4: Smarter and Weirder Official Gameplay Trailer

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50 Responses

  1. OperationDx1 says:

    Cancelled my pre-order. Gonna wait for reviews. So many missing features
    that will later get added for more $$$. It’s one thing to take stuff out
    because you want to make them better. It’s another to strip down a game
    and sell off the parts. And we all know how EA runs things.

  2. VideoAndMore says:

    This game sucks, imma go back to the sims 3.

  3. Katina Bright says:

    Heads up EA: I canceled my pre-order on the game. I’m going to wait until I
    see actual game play and how others think of the game. I already did not
    like the whole simpoints value thing by getting venues and extra content
    that should have been added in the the expansion packs. Plus by putting a
    $16-30 price tag on every venue or release does not make the company look
    great, it makes you look greedy and money hungry. I could have lived
    without the pools, almost survived without the toddlers, BUT taking away
    CAS…that is a NO. You can look different, but now everyone is wearing the
    same thing or has the same furniture as you…not my thing. I’ll stick to
    my The Sims 3. I am truly disappointed in EA, and I know I’m not alone.

  4. popsicles4fun says:

    So what I’m hearing is no pools, no toddlers, NO CREATE A SIM?!?! This is
    just a downgrade! All this made up my mind, I don’t think I will be getting
    sims 4. Why would EA do this?!?!

  5. Sophie Castro says:

    I am a big simmer and the fact that there is no pools, open worlds,
    toddlers or create a style bugs me. I was already really pissed up with the
    cartoonish way the sims look, so that just freaked me out. I personally
    LOVE TODDLERS! I am a very nurturing person, and i enjoy taking care of our
    little ones in the game. Its really annoying that babies are going to
    randomly turn into kids. That’s what usually happened on the nintendo game,
    so i bought the sims in the computer so i could have toddlers. I find them
    too cute. I LIVE WITH CREATE A STYLE. The sims 3 designers (no offense)
    have an awful taste when it comes to patterns and combinations. Im going to
    end up having to download a huge amount of custom content which is only
    going to crash my game. Pools are necessary, people. Like, what the
    hell…? So you wanted to make the sims 4 more realistic, but there is no
    pools? doesn’t make sense at all. No open worlds…?! Im done. If EA
    expects me to buy 32 expansion packs including whats missing then they I’m
    out. I’d rather keep playing the sims 3. Its honestly better.

  6. Merel vanbommel says:

    I’m happy with the loading screens, the game is going to be less likely to
    crash BUT I hate it that there will be no toddlers or pools! I mean, come
    on, toddlers, they are essential! The from child to teen stage is already
    weird but from burrito-baby to child? That’s just weird.I just hope they’ll
    come in ep, because I think they are left out because the release date is
    coming to fast!

  7. ImKindOfIconic says:

    This is not GAMEPLAY you stupid dickfucks. This is a TRAILER. ANOTHER ONE.
    Out of HOW MANY NOW?!

  8. Bernhardina Hörnstein says:

    Did you watch the honest trailer for the Sims 4 yet? It is really funny XD
    anyway, I can’t stop watching this new gameplay trailer but I wish we would
    get to see some ACTUAL gameplay… Please EA????? 

  9. Madelynn Lexi says:

    The Internet be all like: “Ah yea your sims can be smart or weird ( Not
    like they could in the other sim games ), but they can’t be toddlers and
    they can’t swim in pools. In fact, my sim doesn’t even know what a pool is
    🙂 And in create a sim you pull there skin to make them look different.”
    How painful. ( No sims were harmed in the making of this comment
    because I’m not buying the sims 4 most likely ). Please No hate <3

  10. Jonathan Elliott says:

    I am laughing at all the people who say they were torrent the game… but
    torrent the game will be rather hard as in order to play you need to
    activate your game via Origin. 

  11. Rayaotiix says:

    At first I was very excited for the Sims 4, but every time you release new
    info, it makes me realize how bad it might be. You took so many steps back
    with the Sims 4, and it’s even gonna have less content then the Sims 3. You
    actually got back to the loading screens between lots! (Dont get me started
    about pools and toddlers and no create a style). I’m having such a hard
    time with being happy about the things I will be able to do in the Sims 4,
    because there are so many things I used to do in the Sims 3, but I won’t be
    able to do them now. What is the point of taking so many features out from
    the actual gameplay? Why are you taking so many steps back? I just don’t
    get it.

  12. syafickix says:

    hey guys, rather than complaining in the comment box, how about signing
    petition in ?? they have petition for sims 4 complaints and we
    only need 3000 more petitioners to complete the petition :DD

  13. KuddlyKisses says:

    I REALLY don’t understand how so many people can be OKAY with what is
    happening to The Sims franchise -_- It’s just a money-grabbing
    commercial…ugh. How can they take out key functions of the game and
    expect people to pay more?! Granted the game has some new features, but are
    they actually better? The character push and pull customization is really
    cool, but they have AGAIN left out height sliders (which players have been
    wanting since The Sims 2). How can they call this a sequel when it has LESS
    than The Sims 2 or 3 base game had? Heck, even The Sims 1 had pools! The
    worst part is…THEY WANT $60 FOR THIS not completed base game!!! I’m sorry
    EA, but I’ve had ENOUGH! I don’t even want MORE for my money. I just want
    the basics -_-

  14. devworlddaily says:

    The sims4 is gunna be wack! So glad. I didnt pro order its meant to be N
    upgrade even better than sims3! So far its nuin but a big dissapointment

  15. UniQueLyEviL says:

    Smarter, Weirder….POOLESSS. Why? So you guys can sell a SUPER SUMMER FUN
    POOL EXPANSION FOR $40?! >=(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    I’ve been a fan of this franchise from the very beginning but that stuff
    has only been getting more and more predictable and insulting to your

  16. stardollblox says:

    I bet half of you complaining about pools, never even used the pool in ts3

  17. dillonft says:

    EA feel dying from laughter is the BEST and most REALISTIC idea they’ve
    ever come up with.. But then they decide to remove TODDLERS. LMAO WHAT A

  18. Matthew Stanford says:

    They can add rockets and toasters,cupcake machines but they can’t add
    toddlers and pools something wich should be there :(

  19. Mary C.T.P. says:

    1. No pools/swimwear
    2. No toddlers
    3. Teens look like adults
    4. EA can’t even give us a real gameplay video

  20. HomestarRunner20X6 says:

    So we get cupcake machines and luchador masks that no one asked for at the

  21. Amanda Hedges says:

    Oh look! Now we are butterflies! Magic transformation from babies to
    children. No, I assure you that it’s completely normal to grow 3 feet in
    one year! No, you aren’t supposed to have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of life,
    heavens no! Skip from year one to year 5 how sensible!!! Here I give you,
    the most realistic game, butterfly people included! 

  22. xSimSugar says:

    I know there has been some controversy surrounding the no pools and
    toddlers decision, i admit myself i was disappointed with no toddlers as I
    love them in TheSims 3 but honestly looking at what we are getting it still
    appeals to me and i cannot wait for September. I’m sure we will see a
    gameplay video soon. It also looks like we are getting a lot more content
    in this base game than in previous ones.

  23. MacSkiddo says:

    Listen i see what they mean by no Pools or Toddlers…. mabye they dont
    want to add something that they know will be boring because i know for
    awhile Toddlers were boring untill Generations and Pools untill Seasons and
    Island Paradise…. i think its for the best so they can come up with new
    ideas for toddlers and pools…. who knows they could add Toddlers and
    Pools in a Patch update 

  24. Sadvianilla says:

    0:21 You can control the teens at highschool?

  25. MiSugarsimful says:

    Is that a tram I see at the beginning of the trailer that would be so fab
    if EA put trams in the game but are they for show or can your sims interact
    with them like the car’s, I wish EA would show some actual game play of
    #TheSims4 hopefully when it gets closer to the release date they will show
    some game play or a walk through :)

  26. steph0sims says:

    It looks like there’s a lot of content in this game! Can’t wait to see some
    live gameplay/producers walkthrough :D

  27. Rachel Hannon says:

    Also sorry I didn’t have enough room I’m happy with how the game turned out
    EA did a wonderful job I wish the next explanation has toddlers and pools
    added and maybe if we’re lucky the next expansion will have open world so
    people STOP COMPLAINING but really EA I’m gonna say this again next
    expansion add toddlers and pool and open world thank you

  28. Nate River says:

    Every time I read a positive comment on here, I feel like it’s sarcastic…
    read them and see what I mean…

  29. Grave Sweeney says:

    Yeah I hate that theres no toddler’s… that makes no sense. Pools I can
    live without. But there better be an expansion pack!

  30. Eliza Colfer says:

    I honestly don’t know why so many people are bitching. GIVE IT UP. Just
    because TS4 isn’t going in your direction doesn’t mean it’s going to go off

  31. Marienny Jimenez says:

    ooh seeing all of these trailers makes me wanna play sims 4 but it is so
    expensive and I am not gonna preorder if i don’t even kno wat to expect 100%
    I am seeing so many comments about pools and toddlers? i am not completely
    sure if thats inlcuded but why would they even take that out, it is obvious
    LOTS of people want that feature. Right now i want to belive they do have
    it in the game, but we have to be patient it comes out September so they
    still have lots of time to add new things, but i did notice that in create
    a sim they don’t have sliders for colors of hair, skin, etc. I am
    dissapointed of that because I really like that in sims 3 but the sliders
    for everything else i guess is okay to go

  32. Luka Waronig says:

    everything looks so amazing in this game, but can someone please tell me
    the reason why didn’t they include create a style ?

  33. Erykah Adams says:

    Jesus some of yall are ASSHOLES! If you don’t like what you see don’t don’t
    ducking buy the game.. you don’t have to comment about how much you think
    it sucks! You haven’t played it yet, and Maxis has been working their asses
    off to make a game that will work for everybody.. yall are making all these
    hateful comments but you should realize they actually see the stuff yall
    put down there.. some of that stuff can be really mean and it’ll stress
    them out even more than they already are.. if you don’t like the game that
    much then just quit watching the videos cut there are actual people here
    who appreciate it.. who cares of there are no pools or toddlers YOU KNOW
    they’re coming back in another expansion pack.. what else is knew.. you act
    like this is something new! if they put all that stuff in the base game no
    one’s gonna the the other packs.. which means they would lose money, which
    means no money for producing any more games…. 

  34. Chrillsims3 says:

    Awesome Can’t wait 😀 i think its funny to see people complain about sims 4
    and when Sims 4 is out with some updates.. people will begging to play the
    game :P

  35. Rax says:

    R.I.P Pools.

  36. Agus Delmonti says:

    Well, I suppouse they also removed Gardening and Fishing skills, since
    nobody showed it yet. And also they might have removed the Collectables,
    because it isnt an open world…

  37. Kaje Jay says:

    I got to thinking, maybe toddlers aren’t playable like babies, that’s why
    they didn’t show up in the create-a-sim age cue…thingy. I mean, I have no
    problem not being able to control them, but to be a legacy player and not
    have them at all…well that’s a whole ‘nother story. 

  38. Jayla Westbrooks says:

    Guys you need to shut up! Dude you haven’t even played the game yet. Don’t
    judge a book by its cover! If you keep on being mean they might just cancel
    the sims 4! And the people who are really excited about it will get really
    mad and sad. So please stop. You don’t need the whole world knowing you’re
    not going to buy the game or you dislike it. Remember the game hasn’t came
    out yet and I bet you will get anyways. So SHUT UP!!!!!!

  39. bubblegum heart says:

    They’re focusing too much on this whole “weirder stories” thing. What if I
    don’t WANT “weird” stories?

  40. Darkening Demise says:

    -MS Paint graphics
    -Blurry flat ground
    -NO swimming
    -NO swimwear
    -NO open world
    -NO sims continuing life when you’re not playing as them
    -NO stores
    -NO work places
    -NO schools
    -Dying from laughter
    BACK!!!!!!! >:D
    -NO speech bubbles during conversations
    -New shitty clunky looking UI that DOES NOT look like The Sims since 1
    -Bland 2D pictures outside lots to make it look like there’s a world -_-
    -Lots look bland and empty
    -ONLY 1 ‘world’
    -VERY FEW lots split up into TONS OF LOADING SCREENS!
    -LESS traits
    -Walk off lot to go to ‘school’ and ‘work’
    -NO turn offs or turn ons
    -NO toddlers
    -NO pools
    -HAVE to use a ‘phone’ to ‘travel’ and hit tons of lengthy loading screens

    You’re a bunch of greedy pricks that are using excuses for this failed
    abortion. We wanted MANY of these features in the Sims 1, and you waited
    OVER TEN FUCKING YEARS to add foundation and wall heights? Ok yeah so
    BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS later, you make it in the game. Nice. Oh and you
    still have yet to add weather and seasons or even pets into the base game?
    Oh wait; “Due to new tech built from the ground up-” BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!
    BLAH! You’re just going to milk it more from the gullible tits of the Sim
    fans by making Pools Expansion $40, Toddler Expansion $40, Swimwear
    Expansion $40, Pets Expansion $40, Seasons Expansion $40, New Neighborhood
    (or to YOU a ‘world’) $50-OR $80 for ‘premium’ edition and get a MS Paint
    hat! :D

  41. stevenutah says:

    I wish the textures and graphics were better! I’m a bit dissapointed with
    the visuals, really similar to The Sims 3, this cartoonish look. But well,
    let’s see..

  42. Baku14gan says:

    Okay for all the people who keep complaining about there not being toddlers
    and pools in the game just need to stop, same with there not being a
    CAStyle tool. 1.) Toddlers were introduced in Sims 2, granted they were fun
    but it gets boring after a while, same in sims 3, all i do is teach them
    how to walk, talk, and potty then age them have been since sims 2. 2.)
    granted i did like pool,s but i never used them in sims, if i put one down
    it was just for looks. 3.) i loved the CAStyle tool but it really lagged up
    the game and took the fun out of playing cause i would have to leave the
    game after decorating a room or a house to play it. Over all, just like all
    sims games, it’s a new game not a expansions to sims 3, it will be
    different and there’s nothing wrong with it, no one is saying you can’t
    stop playing sims 3, if you don’t want 4, then do buy it.

  43. DaisyBow - says:

    So there’s loading screens between lots now??? 

  44. Nicky The Master of the Unicorns! says:

    Am I the only one exited? I’m still waiting for reviews to buy it though,
    but I do that with ALL games I want!

  45. Mekired says:

    Hah, everyone’s gonna pirate it, so I don’t think it even matters if they
    come out with expansion packs.

  46. Trevor Guinn says:

    They haven’t shown a single second of actual gameplay. All they have shown
    are the dramatized trailers that don’t reflect what the game looks like.

  47. jimjamsim says:

    What you’re not getting –
    > Toddlers
    > Pools
    > Create a style.
    > Woohoo skill… (I don’t see why people are so pissed off at that.)

    What you ARE getting –
    > Cars
    > I saw a boat on the water at one point in another trailer.
    > Trams
    > Emotions
    > Advanced CAS
    > Advanced building
    > Advanced buying
    > 5 districts within a neighbour hood
    > Very short loading times
    > More items in CAS
    > Babies with ACTUAL LEGS
    > A great new look
    > New careers
    > New deaths
    > New emotion deaths.
    > Clubs in the base game
    > Pianos in the base game

    You’re all looking at the bad stuff and not the good stuff. Some of the
    stuff we don’t have will be added in either updates or EPs like in The Sims
    3. In the end, you’re gonna buy the game anyway. I also have no idea where
    people are getting the idea of cars being decor from. :I Probs just looking
    for something more to complain and cry about. God, simmers have become so
    whiney. You’re missing pools and toddlers and create a style. They could
    easily be added in the future. It’s not like you’re missing huge chunks of
    the game. At least we haven’t gone back to being on one lot at a time. At
    least we’re going to get less bugs. At least we’re going to be getting a
    more advanced game which can ACTUALLY BE IMPROVED.

  48. myowncomputerstuff says:

    I’m almost glad EA released this poor excuse for a backwards compatible
    game. It gives me a reason to finally stop Simming after all these years.

  49. Raylyn MoCo says:

    Guess what guys. You can not choose if they are right or left handed
    anymore. It was just tweeted by sim guru grant. Even thought they said that
    you could do that in the beginning. Wow this is so dissapointing. So much
    stuff being taken away. I know right and left handed option isn’t a big
    deal compared to pools and toddlers, but it just shows how they just keep
    on taking stuff away. What a rip off.

  50. Bayron Anaya says:

    That blond guy ♥ u ♥ 00:40

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