The Sims 4: Runaway Teen Challenge [Season 1, Part 1]– “Lucy & Aldous”

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20 Responses

  1. Rainbow Smile says:

    I loved watching your Runaway teen. That challenge is my favorite, but I
    just don’t know how to make it work with the Sims 4.

  2. Fever-Girl says:

    Did you know teens can sort of Woohoo now. If you by a double bed they can
    “mess around”.

  3. Shizzy says:

    Great adaptation of the challenge! I really enjoyed your Sims 3 runaway
    teen series, and I’m sure that I will again, with this one (no matter how
    short it might be)! hehe I’m also really looking forward to see how some
    of the other Sim challenges will be adapted to Sims 4. :D

  4. darkprincess000jk says:

    YAY I’m glad to see this challenge back

  5. metking12690 says:

    Yes I loved your first runaway teen challenge so I’m super excited about
    you brining it back for sims 4.

  6. CinnaSkies says:

    Transgender character? Wooooaaah! Breaking the norm, are we? :3

  7. Catherine Sweeney says:

    Awesome new LP April!!! Can’t wait to see how these sims progress!!! :D

  8. Odee Dillon says:

    April, stop being so down on yourself. The 1st Runaway Teen was fantastic!
    * Please have a contest for some of your viewers Sims 4 Sims to be in the
    town background. Please?
    ** Go with their skill/wishes to make money? Fishing and playing for tips,
    *** TestingCheatsEnabled True isn’t available eh?

  9. Monica Ugochukwu says:

    Hi symbiote! I live watching watching your videos

  10. BubblegumGirl366 says:

    Omg Omg Omg

  11. Helen Kirkwood says:

    “I make money off of virus cleaning programs, but I also happen to be the
    person who makes the viruses.” This is a quote from a movie….

  12. zahirah wilson says:

    Wow this is so interesting!!I mean so many details, you should keep this

  13. Simon Parsons says:

    Impressive! What better way to start with a new game than by going back to
    the beginning! Looking forward to this!

  14. xSimSugar says:

    Great start i fel in love with your Sims 3 Runaway Teen LP the first time i
    saw it and i just know im going to love this too! Great idea! HUGS!

  15. JumboMonkey says:


  16. Alice Harley says:

    Great episode! It really cool that you are following on from the Sims 3
    family and really cool story. Your really good at making creative story.
    Love it! 🙂 

  17. Sims3Symbiote says:

    Some join Lucy, Aldous, and I for The Sims 4 Runaway Teen Challenge!!!
    #LetsPlay #TheSims4

  18. Alice Harley says:

    I feel that Lucy should play her guitar for tips and they can also paint
    and sell there paintings. :)

  19. eastersunflower says:

    if you mess around with the big tree on the lot next to them, you will get
    a surprise!

  20. rebecca bavis says:

    That Tree Near your house is the secret area where you can fish and find
    expensive fish! all you have to di is keep viewing and then talk and then
    explore when the door opens.

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