The Sims 4 | Room Build | Modern Home Gym (Sped Up)

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37 Responses

  1. Bella Beauty14 says:

    Love ur LPs!!!When will u be doing another sims 3 lp?

  2. TrueMakeupLover says:

    It’s to dark but I like it.

  3. johniece pennick says:

    I watch u everyday and I just
    wanted u to know that Im a very
    picky person and for u to be my
    favorite sim player that means your
    really good + your really funny so
    just wanted u to know we all love


  4. Angelina Larrea says:

    Omg only 34 views ☺️

  5. DestinysOnlyWish says:

    Do a nursery! 

  6. PlumbobbSimmer says:

    Yay! Definitely going to use this with a household I made!

  7. katherine wright says:

    How about a musicians room?

  8. Jordan ♡ says:

    Love these videos!!!!!

  9. Ednelia Pascoal pedro says:


  10. Laughingall dayveryday says:

    Yo speed builds are on FLEEK

  11. Shawnacee Ware says:

    The restrooms you forgot

  12. Avas Vlogs says:

    What about a girls room♥️
    P.S. ilsym♥️

  13. Emma Burdette says:

    Jenn I love you! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do! <3!

  14. Faith Bennett says:

    you should do a his and her bathroom 

  15. XUrbanSimsX says:

    First room build 😉 Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to like and leave future
    suggestions below!

  16. Wendelyne101 says:

    I like it except it looks a bit dark, so glad they are adding more lighting
    choices in Get To Work.

  17. Simmer rrw says:

    my only complain is the lighting, it’s too dark, other than that i love it

  18. LeopardPrint Simmer says:

    What happend to 100 baby challenge?

  19. Saffize Plays... says:

    Gorgeous gym. I this was real it might actually encourage me to work out
    more often! ;)

  20. Natalya Sonina says:

    You might not see this but I have a hard time decorating my sims room she
    is a writer with a baby on the way and her husband. If you do build this
    it’d be great or you could leave suggestions ❤️

  21. Fionna the Ice princess says:

    Did she say the n word?

  22. Caitlin Dransart says:

    You should do a “lets build together series” like what Deligracy does :)

  23. Vendettis says:

    I would love for you you to make a teenage tomboys room

  24. ResidentEvilFan2014 says:

    You’re so good at building Jenn. Love you

  25. aly jones says:

    I love ur LPs! Ilysm

  26. Awesome sim says:

    u did cheat

  27. The Bnn says:

    Can you build a modern mansion please?

  28. Emilykatie 1606 says:

    Could you build a kids room? I don’t mind which gender age etc. xxx

  29. Dr. Sharktooth says:

    I’d like to see you build a study/home office (maybe for a big-shot
    detective or a ritzy doctor from Get To Work?) or a child daycare center.

  30. CamilaHoran30 says:

    Love ur LPs OMG I love u hope u answer me back I LOVE U

  31. Luv Simmer says:

    you should build a twin boy and girls room

  32. Emilyplays_ says:

    I really love your builds. Can’t wait to start doing these when i get sims
    4. Everything just looks so easy!

  33. AlphaRed says:

    Its too dark . Puts more lights in

  34. MeMaddz 03 says:

    OMG! Jenn You’re soooo close to 100,000 Subs! Congratz! :)

  35. MrPinkfox5 says:

    You’re a great builder! I’m jealous

  36. Apple Berry says:

    You should definitely do more builds :)

  37. Tesha Ballard says:

    Hey Jenn are you ever going to do the Create a Sims, like what you did with
    the Barrveccio family? Anyways, awesome build love it <3

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