The Sims 4 – Quick Review

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10 Responses

  1. E B says:

    have you guys thought that they put more stuff in it so you wont be
    dissapontied IF they have no expansion packs? I mean I hope they do but
    maby that’s the reason why there is so much stuff in TS4 already in the
    game it’s not like the sims ant gonna last forever….. I hope it dose
    though 😀 and now saying that its kinda sad that Qunxx never got to play it
    :(. But hey! she might be some how be playing it in heaven 😀 ya never know
    because if your reeding this than your either a ghost or alive and if your
    alive then YOU WOULDNT KNOW WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE!!!!! so don’t yo Judge ME!

  2. DJNettyDarkfold says:

    Am I the only one who genuinely loves this game and have nothing bad to say
    about it at all ?? Lately, I feel like I am :S

  3. Tavar Sparks says:

    Basically the sims 4 is a mix of sims 2 and 1

  4. koololdster says:

    If you aren’t ‘disappointed in the least’, then why does the video show
    Sims 2 and toddlers toward the end?? Looks like you miss that!

  5. Rentheadnumber1 says:

    Not gonna lie, I never used the pools or found I used them and Toddlers
    were meh…sure you could teach the toddlers to walk and talk and potty
    train them which took a Sim day to probably teach all three…sooo then
    what? I actually like the Sims 4…It’s a base game for all we know they’ll
    add things with time! I’m hoping that the towns become bigger…so we can
    add lots of our own. I think the two things I miss the most are
    Create-A-Style (which I’m sure there will be a really good Mod out for it
    soon, I know there is one but it feels clunky-ish to me), and the open
    world concept. I LOVED the Open world from TS3.

    “Oh but the loading screens aren’t that bad!”

    Yeah, base game you’re not adding EP’s and SP’s to it it’s fine. But we’ll
    see as time goes on! I like TS4 it brings different things to the table and
    it’s enjoyable to play. I’m excited to see the EP’s and SP’s come out so I
    can have even MORE fun! I see a lot of people casting judgement on it. It’s
    a new game, it has time to grow and blossom into something amazing! 🙂 Sure
    they took out some stuff that we really love from TS3…but they did that
    before. They didn’t put some things from TS2 that we liked when making
    TS3…give it time!

    I think my favorite things about TS4? CAS…I LOVE how you can just push
    and pull like clay, I love it! :3 Since I got TS4 I haven’t bothered with
    TS3, I like the style of TS4, simple. 🙂 Not too flashy. It’s nice. I’m all
    for giving it a chance. ALTHOUGH on the flip side…it’s a lot of
    money…(no surprise though, just saying.) I hope the EP’s and SP’s aren’t
    like 50$ a piece.

  6. TheSimsCentral says:

    The Sims 4 – Quick Review

  7. xdarkness22x says:

    I feel like Sims 4 is a mix of Sims 2 and Sims 1. It barely built on Sims

  8. DontaySmith1o1 says:

    I agree, the game is lacking a lot of aspects. But i just create my own
    stories to take my mind off of whats missing and enjoy the game! I do think
    they have a really sturdy foundation for everyone to build on! Hopefully
    the first expansion counts and it’s something like Generations!

  9. SuperDuckboy says:

    i am not pleased with it i like the posbilitys sims 3 gave me even wit less
    buy mode stuff i can change to whatever i desire and buy mode stuff is nt
    what build the game you can always download from people in th internet if
    your game feel empty although i have yet to see that in the sims 4(maybe
    they deleted the option to put new content to it by yourself hope not it
    will really make it suck and even more ea money machine) i would rate it
    2.5 out of 5 

  10. Adamouska says:

    Can’t wait for the let’s play! :)

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