THE SIMS 4: PLAYBOY MANSION EDITION (Episode 1: Building my Sim) -Sims Sunday-

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8 Responses

  1. fuck googlePLUS says:

    Sims 4 is a step forward, and 2 steps back. Wish they would of just kept
    what was in sims 3 and put it in sims 4.

  2. mrSQUADKINGS says:

    K now lets get married! Haha, cool video. Awesome to see that girls also
    make and create videos! 🙂 Subbed! 

  3. sgurlrox67 says:

    This makes me happy :’)

  4. Cubed Gaming says:

    I may have to invest in this game when my computer gets fixed! looks really

  5. LBH Productions says:

    Wow Sims have finally got a good game out again that i would actually play.
    Looks amazing. Keep up the good work RoXXXy

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