The Sims 4: Planting a Seed Gameplay PC

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14 Responses

  1. Dominik Kensy says:

    The funniest episode yet in my opinion!

  2. Dekap says:

    We’re planting a seed in #sims4

  3. Ray Chargle says:

    good video bro

  4. jordan bowman says:

    Name the baby optimus prime

  5. Redwingsfan210 says:

    Dekap jr

  6. Tabitha S. says:

    Name it Dekap Jr. girl or boy…lol

  7. m00c0wm1lk says:

    summer needs to learn to polish the knob while you play games

    make her a good house bitch

  8. tahasin islam onon says:

    where were you 

  9. Redwingsfan210 says:

    Try for the woo hoo with liberty she’s sleeping all alone with all that
    room in her bed

  10. quietdrive911 says:

    yes another episode. lucky i’m awake

  11. Henry Smith III says:

    Name it sonny kip 

  12. Frito Duh Gee says:

    Nice episode

  13. Rockstar Lennox says:

    Summer should start showing and/or have the baby within the next few
    episodes. If the baby is a boy, name it Dekap Jr., girl, I dunno? While
    waiting for the baby to arrive, start working on Dekap and
    Summer’s job promotion requirements because you’re going to need more money
    to take care of the baby, renovating the room, and what not. So
    work towards becoming that pro e-sports gamer! When the baby does arrive,
    just taking care of him/her should keep you busy for a few episodes and
    provide hilarious moments 🙂 And don’t worry about the series becoming
    dull just yet. You’ve only scratched the surface of this game so far. Keep
    up the good work! 

  14. Jade Chung says:

    How a cuteness when u roaring with the sims.

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