The Sims 4 Piracy Glitch

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15 Responses

  1. xrror says:

    “You have died of dysentery”

  2. MadDemon64 says:

    Oh no, the Sims is slowly being overtaken by Missingno!!!

  3. avikbellic911 says:

    Smart move EA! But it be better to fix your buggy game then thinking how to
    make pirated games challenging for us to fix!

  4. MCJJ10 says:

    I still can’t find the crack file :[

  5. Raquel Maksoud says:

    Ok people need to work on that. I wanna download the game on pirate bay
    already. LOL

  6. Arczi Mistrz says:

    I found the film on

  7. TheBlitz1 says:

    Has EA learned nothing?

    Don’t they realize that ANY type of DRM will just be removed/fixed; before
    the torrent is posted.

    Then the only people who will have DRM problems will be the paying
    customers (aka sheeple).

  8. Alexander Eriksen says:

    There are files on a particular bay that fixes this.

  9. Nguyen Tram says:

    This is not a glitch. It’s called genius. Everytime you go to the toilet it
    gets blurrer lol

  10. kujo forever says:

    that isnt a glitch you dingus

  11. moytank says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL There is a file that fixes this glitch

  12. Lisandra Pereira says:

    Where did you download your game? Damn, I’ve been looking for the cracked
    version for days 🙁 

  13. Sven björk says:

    really? I had no problem with my version of the pirated game.

  14. Eric Smith says:

    Is it just me or was the idea of her constantly having to poop even funnier
    than the pixelation?

  15. liam barbara says:

    it’s simple to fix this just use a cheat for their mood and wants and they
    will never have to wash or go to the toilet soo NO LAg and pixels

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