THE SIMS 4 – Pete Trasheater – #008: Worth the Weight ★ Let’s Play

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20 Responses

  1. HypnotoadProductions says:
  2. Bazsi543 says:

    Book title: Life without windows!

  3. Neosfotty117 says:

    Book name: My Life feels like a game… a Sims game.

  4. Kolmen SK says:

    I love this Let’s Play.

  5. kristian Bang says:

    Hey Hypno! Bang just is the first part of my last name. But I’m afraid that
    I’m not the one who gave you the title for that book, in episode 006 I
    think I was wondering if you could make the videos maybe around 15min long

    Book name: My identity was misused by a german guy from the internet


  6. Samuel Tylstedt says:

    You can get it to accelerate by pressing the 3 button a few times ^^
    also, if you don’t have time to fix food, make a family serving and put it
    then you’ll have food that last for 8 days :)

  7. Jeroon7 says:

    Why are there no windows in the house?

  8. C.Cam94 says:

    Friend zone level sims 4 :(

  9. militantbralor says:

    Book name: Game of Balls.

  10. Michael Whit says:

    can u do 15 min? pls?

  11. Gregory Glanville says:

    Book title.

    “Good Thinkin Abe Lincoln: My Secret Love Affair with a Dead President.”

  12. samstaz oh says:

    you should write a book called How to not get friend zoned by samuel oh

  13. kmce says:

    Well I started it so I am going to have to keep doing it until you notice.
    Windows hypno! There’s no windows!

  14. Dillon Henry says:

    Since you clearly have a problem with Ashley walking out on you when you
    least expect it, maybe you should do something like: My Affection of a
    Walk-out Babe.

  15. henry_scj16 says:

    Book name: Brazil – a German guide to live in a tropical country

  16. Hanno Reimer says:

    still no windows in the house?

  17. Hans Müller says:


  18. SilverTabby says:

    Omg this episode was awesome!! Laughed so hard at the end. Book Title:
    Friendzone 1.0.1 – Guide number 1 out of Unlimited.

  19. [TCG] LunarSlayer says:

    There you go, book title; How I got cockblocked (Again) Or ‘I just wanted
    to bang her’

  20. vsomera says:

    You could write “Changing History: Everything is possible with the right
    civilization…..V” or something like that :D

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