THE SIMS 4 – Pete Trasheater – #004: Bunny Decals are Great!

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20 Responses

  1. David Pallatin says:

    Hypno have you thought of doing a minecraft series again

  2. Erlend ErKul says:

    I feel like you should push it too atleast 15 minutes. It seems like you
    start a project but leaves it half finished.
    But thats just my opinion.

  3. Tobias Hopstadius says:

    I still have my suggestion “50 Shades of Junk” ^^

  4. scr3wnai1 says:

    book title: How to Live in a Windowless House

  5. SilverTabby says:

    Book Title: People now, people now. Description: Smell my finger.

  6. xXxXComputrisedCupcakesXxXx says:

    Book : Guns Steel and Swords
    Desc: You realise this is a book about weaponry you are instantly

  7. Samuel Lee says:

    I actually laughed at “The mime walked into the invisible door. The end”

  8. awesomesonic159 says:

    You can click on the needs to automatically start the actions to cure the

  9. Samuel Lee says:

    what is agitprop? and what is inter shop?

  10. Jhon Pittsburg says:

    At least in older games, I think you could eat on toilets if you didn’t
    have anywhere else to eat, but you couldn’t use it at the same time.

  11. NickTheSane says:

    Mr Hypnotoad, we do not need to know that you like to eat on the toilet ;-)

  12. Lati Tomzy says:

    Book name: cosmos a spacetime odyssey

    By: Yisukumo

  13. Jarppi01 says:

    book: How to read

  14. HypnotoadProductions says:
  15. Mad BanthaII says:

    Book title: Something Like That

  16. ThrillBirdHD says:

    Cloning – Hypnotoads guide to superlemon creation.

    Which of course is a reference to the channel header you used to have.

  17. Luigi Manson says:

    Book: How To Be A Dingus.

  18. Dylan Loi says:

    Hey hypno you can use auto lighting for your lights to save your bills and

  19. jtom says:

    i think 10 minute videos are too short 20 mins please?

  20. Unholyfoam7 says:

    I can tell you how a joke about mimes would start; inside an invisible box.

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