THE SIMS 4 – Pete Trasheater – #002: A house for the Trash! ★ Let’s Play

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20 Responses

  1. 8ISAAC10MESSI says:

    10 min episode? bro..

  2. simuxz13 says:

    1. Make episodes longer.
    2. Put windows in the house..

  3. KJA Gaming Network says:

    Use < and > to turn an rotate things.

  4. ROOR MAN says:

    15 minute videos would be ideal
    it is one of the many episode standard durations

  5. HypnotoadProductions says:
  6. FiftyFour Suwus says:

    love the series, would like to see 13-14mins tho!

  7. ThrillBirdHD says:

    Just as I’ve seen others write, I also feel like the 10 minute episodes are
    way too short. Feels like you don’t get started on anything before it’s
    time to end. I believe 20 minutes is ideal, while 15 is all right. This
    just feels too short, I’d be much happier to have one 20 minute video a day
    rather than two 10 minute vids. But I guess I’m just like anyone else, not
    liking change. Anyway, I’ve expressed my thoughts. #HypnoTalk

  8. sprjrny says:

    Where did Sim city cites of tomorrow do? And also where did tropic co go?

  9. Daniel Savarsky says:

    Where are the windows lol

  10. valy9046 says:

    You have a really nice tutorial there just follow it.

  11. Bazsi543 says:

    Second part? Already? We love you! :D

  12. TheStuffz says:

    cheats for sims 3 work on 4

  13. RottenMind 89 says:

    lol the only reason I laughed is because you said I would laugh.

  14. awesomesonic159 says:

    Watch AndrewArcade. He gave some people advice on his latest sims 4 video.

  15. Michael Burton Jr. says:

    Foundations are free!!! Use them an #datroof es no bueno

  16. Jake Weiler says:

    do ctrl+shift+ tab it give u sims 3 camera controls. You can turn things
    much easier

  17. sreevesfrancois says:

    10 mins is far too short for me as it makes your game play more inconstant.
    I would rather see fewer videos less frequently. 

  18. ZoomerX24 says:

    Press right click or <> keys to rotate items. 

  19. SilverTabby says:

    More more and longer!! :D

  20. Regan Helms says:

    You can rotate with the arrow keys, and you put a counter not an island
    counter (the kind you eat on).

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