The Sims 4 PC Game Unboxing!

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8 Responses

  1. buckaroobonsi555 says:

    My girlfriend plays the shit out of that game! Expansions, mod’s you name
    it!!! Not sure if it is Sims 4 or not? She is a hardcore gamer…..PC,
    Xbox,Wii,NES,Game Cube, PS…………..She owns me every game we play.

    If she does not have it yet she will soon. She buys about 2-3 games every
    2-3 months and that is her idea of cutting back!!!LOL

    If you get the chance to play “Stick of Truth” I recommend playing it! If
    you laugh your ass off then buy it if not then pass. 

  2. JxckTew says:

    I agree, Sims is an amazing franchise. I’m a bit annoyed though because the
    recommended requirements are quite high haha which means I won’t be able to
    download it on my old laptop for when/if I take it out somewhere. I can
    probably run it on my main PC but the requirements still don’t reach
    recommended. But anyway I’ll probably get it in a week when it is my
    birthday!!! My favourite part about Sims is probably building cool houses,
    what’s yours?

  3. buckaroobonsi555 says:

    Nope just checked she has Sims III with all the expansions and such. She
    had no idea IV was out. She checked it out and liked what she saw.

  4. LilacMemories says:

    Hi guys!!! This is my unboxing of the PC game The Sims 4!! I’M SO EXCITED!!
    I grew up playing all of The Sims games and i;ve literally been waiting for
    number 4 for like.. a year xD If you want gameplay videos, tell me down
    below!!! THE HYPE IS REAL!

  5. alicevlinder says:

    Loved your fangirling moment! <33 Please make The Sims 4 gameplay videos !

  6. BarknoorZ says:

    I don’t play Sims much but when I do my cousin and I try making some crazy
    families. Once we “accidentally” burned a Nancy alive… 

  7. Deriel *engmia02tnafan* Subscribe! says:

    Great video 😉 very entertaining

  8. NZAnimeManga says:

    Awesome unboxing Lilac! Keep up the brill work, I can’t wait to play it ;P

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