The Sims 4 – Part 6 – SHE’S PREGNANT?! (Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Gameplay)

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20 Responses

  1. minerbroEDI says:


  2. mats løver says:

    Lay games on computer!! ;)

  3. niko virolainen says:

    If martin freaks out in sims that her girlfriend is preagnet i wonder what
    happends if that comes IRL

  4. JarvoD says:

    Either shes cheating on you, or, more likely she got pregnant that time u
    ‘woohood’ a billion times in a row

  5. TmarTn2 says:

    The Sims 4 – Part 6 – SHE’S PREGNANT?!

  6. James says:

    game on the pc -_-

  7. iAmIzzy says:

    I love the cliff hanger!!

  8. Jon Hsieh says:

    lol wth? she puked at 5:52?

  9. Marc Whitty says:

    My OCD is killing me make the bathroom smaller and livingroomm bigger and
    buy a TV

  10. Julian Lopez says:


  11. John Micolta says:

    Let’s start a story

    A Patrick was walking

  12. gusdahlehhater says:

    You really have only one option. Kill her and the unborn baby.

  13. Gustav Rammelsberg says:

    Just wait until the Abortion Clinic DLC… Then the DLC expansion pack
    including Zombified Fetus attacking your house for revenge…

  14. ExcelGaming says:

    Which xbox live name? Don’t be a dick.

    A. Carnus v2

    B. Carnus Rains

  15. ben Hodge says:


  16. Nick Hartmans says:

    Always use protection, kids.

  17. Lesley Currie says:

    Marry summer

  18. Marquan X | COD Gameplays and Let's Plays! says:

    Nice video +TmarTn !. I broke up with a girl when she got pregnant just to
    see what will happen ( I saved before I did it and loaded the save after I
    saw what happened.) and the pregnancy disappeared… Is that supposed to

  19. sven borg says:

    I knew this was going to happen lol.. anyone agree?

  20. Gradual Galaxy says:

    Lets start the longest comment train ever
    ready GO!

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