The Sims 4 | Part 1 | Creating PsychoLe5

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4 Responses

  1. Tucky Bot says:

    11:34 Absolutely perfect time to add that!

  2. PsychoLe5 says:

    What’s going on PSYCHO’s!!! Wanna create something PSYCHO?! Let’s
    create…ME…DUH!!! Welcome to the Let’s Play of The Sims 4!!! A little
    tutorial video w/ some laughs in creating YOURS TRULY!!!

    Please “THUMBS UP” this video w/ some love by hitting that “LIKE” button!!!
    It really goes a long way & it shows me you want more!!! ~ Thank you so
    much for watching PSYCHO’s ~

  3. PsychoLe5 says:

    PSYCHO’s!!! Have some laughs while I create, YOURS TRULY!!! Find out what
    reference I used in this video, that’ll make you say, “Yo, JOE!!!” Enjoy
    watching & HAPPY GAMING!!!

  4. Skyler B says:

    lol nicve! my girlfriend has been playing this A LOT! 

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