The Sims 4: Part 05 (4-Player)

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20 Responses

  1. superpanda tdevil says:

    these episodes are too short

  2. The Shroomster says:

    iPhone 6 and 6 plus what are your thoughts?

  3. Lenosaurus says:

    Hasn’t been thirty seconds and there’s the first innuendo. Love you guys!
    I’ll always support you

  4. Pearl Platinum says:


  5. Mittsume3 says:

    Omg they’re playing the first sims on the comp lol!

  6. Sir Vicke says:

    Aww yeah. My daily dose of WRTP playing The Sims. 

  7. Testsubjex says:

    Play dragon quest ix

  8. Martin Lessmann says:

    could you make these episodes be at least 20-25 mins cause this is one of
    the best lps you’ve done. (behind PvZ) and please fast forward the days

  9. MiloMarioPlushBrother says:

    Under 301

  10. Foxy The Fox says:

    Chris and Spencer alone together? The fanfictions. I hear them being

  11. FlamezOfGamez says:

    Looks like you’re doing well so far! Is there a chance you’ll add your

  12. Why Not Zoidberg says:

    Nice vid!

  13. SuperVideoGamingBros says:

    These episodes should be a day per episode, that way each person switches
    after each day and it doesn’t make these episodes all messy

  14. ViewtifulBeau says:

    Could you imagine jogging but never being able to cross the street? I don’t
    want to live in that world…

  15. Extreme AD1 says:


  16. Mike B says:

    Concerning the time, while I can understand why you guys need the episodes
    to be short I think it would better if the episodes ended during the switch
    off. It wouldn’t have made the episode much longer and it would have made
    the ending much less abrupt, since the switch off is usually just silence.

  17. Gira tina says:


  18. Miki Barajas says:

    make the videos closer to 20 minutes

  19. WiiRikeToPray says:

    Chris and Spencer have some bro time while Tyler and Tyson work — Part 05
    of The Sims 4 out now!

  20. Felicia Love says:


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