The Sims 4: Part 02 – Build a House (4-Player)

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20 Responses

  1. WiiRikeToPray says:

    Building our crappy house today — Part 02 of The Sims 4 out now!

  2. Charles Jones says:

    Ya”ll should do the dlc because it has more character and more new cups

  3. kellogsbeast says:

    Another reason I should be the fifth WRTP member, I took Architectural
    Design in High School >_>

  4. Alezc14 says:

    I watched the whole video

  5. layerpay says:


  6. luigi775 says:

    First comment 

  7. Optimistic Charizard says:

    Do you wanna build a snowman

  8. Tyrannic Lime says:

    SO is this gonna be daily

  9. lunarraythefox says:

    hour well spent

  10. luckysix says:

    Mkc go first place can’t get me 

  11. Vlogasaurus182 says:

    I like the series, but not sure about an hour + an episode

  12. ethanwels1 says:

    Welcome to the almost super long episode! I’m sure they aren’t going to
    all be this long.

  13. Sir Vicke says:

    About 36 min in. You guys are terrible at building xD

  14. HerringBone says:

    So are you guys living together again?? how are you making this LP

  15. CheddarSeahorse says:

    Is there an infinite money/sandbox mode in this?
    Because I could probably make houses and yards all day if there is.

  16. queenofcarrotflowers says:

    you guys started off with a really big house omg its going to be so empty

  17. SuperFirePower says:

    I REALLY dislike this series. I personally don’t believe Sims should be a
    viewed thing, more like a train set in a basement that you work on. And we
    view once in a while. But a hour for each part? No interest from me 

  18. Extreme AD1 says:

    i dont know what to say

  19. Nackles42 says:

    how new is this game

  20. LUIS SOTO says:


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