The Sims 4: Part 01 – Create A Sim (4-Player)

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20 Responses

  1. Mehdi Sadik says:

    Isn’t tyson blond?

  2. WiiRikeToPray says:

    Also, we’re not forgetting about Pokemon! We’ve been gone to a convention
    for a while, so haven’t had time to get some more recorded. It should
    resume in the next few days alongside The Sims!

  3. GaMerBoY360 says:

    How much does sims 4 cost??

  4. taicho321 says:

    For Spence’s question: The indent above your lips is called a philtrum.
    yay for knowing random things!

  5. kellogsbeast says:

    Did you guys get together to record this?

  6. Lucas Cunningham says:

    wtf??? since wen dus wrtp play sims?

  7. Farid Ahmed says:

    Cool hope you enjoy it

  8. tristan pham says:

    1 hour of create-a-sim? I was looking forward to gameplay! But still, nice

  9. Lavondrias Daniels says:

    lol pause at 7:48

  10. Jack shao says:


  11. Awesomeness101 says:

    Awesome keep it this going I like it

  12. Foxy The Fox says:

    As close to facecam as WRTP will let us have.

  13. Saki The Husky says:

    I certainly can’t wait to get sims 4, it’s look realistic and plus they
    have new exited things to do…….I wanna check all them out and explore
    the sims world…Cause you gotta admit….The graphic’s looks good…^^

  14. Jiserex says:

    Found this hilarious. xD

  15. xBeatzzzHD says:

    Anyone know if this game is coming to consoles?

  16. Hope Xtra says:

    Do you guys still live in the WRTP house.

  17. Sir Vicke says:

    You guys are going to play this without cheats?

  18. Double A says:

    You guys should do all your other gamer friends in town, like MO, Cassie,

  19. XxgreenMachine says:

    Never thought this would never have been there new lp

  20. WindMasterArceus says:

    15 at 7th grade? I’m 15 going into grade 10 XD

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