The Sims 4: Our New Life! Ep.1

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20 Responses

  1. Sophia Brumbaugh says:

    Get duchess

  2. Mr EMC says:

    You look like Sky.

  3. karatewoman4 says:

    Even though everyone else has I’m going to say that you forgot to put the
    door on your room! Haha and I know Sims enough that if you put a bed that
    isn’t a twin sized bed up against a wall, it can only be used by one
    person, so you’re going to have to move it!

  4. crazypencilplays says:

    Maybe becuz there’s a painting or it’d a porch? Idk \(°♢°)/

  5. elena zhang says:

    It’s just a glitch with the walls

  6. BurtGasm says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed if so What would you like to see next week?

  7. irish wulf says:

    You can’t place a window in the front because the porch railing thingy is
    in the way.

  8. malcolm s says:

    U rule Burt! :D

  9. Juliet Roberts says:

    there might be a painting against the wall that your trying to put the
    widow on and i don’t think there is a door to the bedroom

  10. Bailey Bryant says:

    1 comment 

  11. Kylani R says:

    How much is this game and where do I get it

  12. Maggie Moncado says:

    Does shelby plan an instrument. I play tenor saxophone.

  13. Abbey Mack says:

    You forgot the door to the bed room ! 

  14. Katie Hamilton says:

    15 comment soo early 

  15. Melanie Sheehan says:

    Lol he forgot to put a door in the bedroom. So now they can go into the
    bedroom or bathroom

  16. Aliyyah Alam says:

    First comment


  17. Brianna Everett says:

    Burt….. You are So derp

  18. 1WarriorCat1 says:

    Is there no door going into the bedroom???? (Or I my be blind :3 )

  19. darkspinesonic4 says:

    Yeay finilly in the top 3 commemts
    Thanks people

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