The Sims 4: Official TV Commercial

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49 Responses

  1. xCutelilDemon says:

    I’m fucking getting this from my birthday.

  2. Julianadowns says:

    After seeing more than 10 gameplays, I saw that they’re still the same
    stupid sims with some new animations and interactions, not smart like
    they’re screaming at everyone. I’m disappointed but gonna pirate the game
    to see how it’s like. I won’t spend my money on this. My opinion, don’t
    hate, learn to see other people’s point of view and not complain. 

  3. Tim Schweizer says:

    Sims 4… so simple, it’s shit.

  4. Emily Roberts says:

    I just got this game today! And love it already.Just got to wait for my new
    laptop.OMG <3

  5. Aleksander Mendes says:

    I’ll give The Sims 4 a second chance: torrent

  6. A. Mark says:

    I just wanna high five the voice actor of all these Sims 4 trailers… in
    the face…. with a chair. The trailers are overly comedic… its annoying.

  7. Terrilyn Davis says:

    Complain all you want. For every one of your negative comments on these
    videos there are a thousand more comments saying this game is awesome. Get
    over it.

  8. ikirya Lane says:

    I’m tired of reading comments about ppl bitching! Like stfu already. If u
    don’t like the game then ooooookkkkkk no one cares. So what If there’s
    features missing. Maybe they got replaced with something better. Y’all
    can’t judge this game Bc u haven’t played the released copy yet. If u like
    it, then like it. If u don’t, then don’t buy it. Plain and simple.

  9. Lena G. says:

    Who the fuck is that guy screaming in all these videos?! It’s so annoying.

  10. Aoi Kyuseishu says:

    If you don’t like The Sims 4 so much, why don’t you forget about it and
    move on? A lot of people really DO want this game, and some (like me) don’t
    mind the changes they took out. I’ve looked at the list of things that
    aren’t present in 4 that is in 3, and the vast majority of them I can
    seriously deal without. This is also my opinion, which is another
    benefactor to why I will be getting the sims 4. If you don’t like it, then
    don’t get the damn thing. Stop bitching about how, to you, it’s going to be
    a “bad game.” You aren’t paying for it and installing it on my computer and
    taking up hard drive space, I am.

  11. Sean Bowles says:

    I still can’t believe that idiots are defending this game and letting ea
    get away with it, Have fun spending 40$ expansion packs that should be in
    the game by now.

  12. kitkatt24 says:

    If that old lady is a pre made sim….I’m killing her off. I can’t stand

  13. ChangeyBjo says:

    I love this game. For the disappointed people: Expansions will be there! I
    just already pre-ordered it, I just love the Sims, wheter they have
    tuddlers or something like that or not.

  14. silentc0re says:

    Don’t knock it till you try it guys!
    I was lucky enough to play it for a few hours at a preview session
    (gameplay on my channel). The whole game overall plays much better and
    Although there have been some cutbacks, there’s so many new options and
    features I didn’t really notice it. And to be honest it would be
    unrealistic to expect the base Sims 4 game to have all the bundled sims 3
    expansions in the first release! 

  15. May Dorable says:

    I hate how your sim can die of laughter thats just stupid

  16. spencer roots says:

    Is there rabbit holes still

  17. Moonstarforever says:

    Guys, why are gonna pirate a game that you can buy for only *fucking 60

  18. Ricki Retros says:

    In sims 3 generations, Npc could send their children to a babysitters house
    for daycare and pick them up later , what if that could be in hone base
    game of sims 4. And putting your kids up for adoption 

  19. Hank Hill says:

    Oh my God this is pornography for children! Bobby shield your eyes! 

  20. Dratani Boom says:

    Not hating, but this commercial and mini videos lately are sooo annoying.

  21. wendy wulleart says:

    lol cool, how do you get the voodoo dolls x

  22. beruud says:

    EA is a terrible company. They screwed the pooch with Madden, battlefield,
    sim city… Now it appears they have fooked up sims 4. Hope Im wrong… But
    being skeptical and pointing out obvious false advertising doesnt make me
    or anyone a troll. If your looking for rainbows and unicorns… im not sure
    the internet and yourube is a place for you.

  23. Laddison Lotts says:

    Just made my pre order. Super excited!

  24. Tre Gee says:

    Xbox One port?..anyone else into that idea?

  25. Mehdi Sadik says:

    BEAUTIFULL) HAIR !! 0:15

  26. Taliyus says:

    The Sims 3 trailer was so much better than this.

  27. Yukiokoba says:

    I guess I am not the only one sort of bothered by the narrator’s voice, I
    don’t like it, but it’s not like I much care about it.

    Anyways, I am planning to carry on playing the sims 3 , In the sims 4 I am
    mostly interested in the build mode. Also, I want to have some cc ready
    when I get the game, so I will wait for a bit, see other people play it,
    before I decide to get it or not. But in all honesty, I really feel kinda
    bad for all the cut features.
    Sure! The new soms are more emotional and intuitive and so alive, but be
    honest here, do you really care at all about looking at your sims or other
    sims sround town and seeing them walk in a certain waybto determine if they
    are happy or not? I couldn’t care less, mostly cause this whole emotion
    thing is supposed to compensate for all the missing features. I am sure I
    will enjoy the sims 4 eitherway, but I am very much against playing a game
    that seems to be “crippled” and half finished.
    I don’t know what to make of it.
    And to those who say they will pirate the game, good for you… As if EA
    can care less about your pirating, probably one in 100 sims players have
    pirated their “copy” of the game, and this franchise sells so damn well,

    EA simply isn’t afraid of your pirating. Even if you use it as a way to
    tell them they ate jerks for giving you a game you are not satisfied

    I miss the days EA actually made good games, I remember first playing need
    for speed underground and the sims 2 pets for the ps2. Those were the days!


  28. Finterifyell says:

    add garages/parking for cars, open world, pools and the game would be good,
    but now i dont think i will buy it

  29. Moist Banana says:

    Gotta love those 80 missing features.

  30. Luv4TajhanB says:

    Still iffy about the game, so I’m sticking with my original plan: Wait for
    some Let’s Play videos, then make a decision on whether or not I’m buying

  31. IPikaboy says:

    I’ve been playing the sims since the sims 1 but I am looking forward to the
    sims 4 I don’t really understand why everybody thinks these changes are
    bad. The sims 3 was a lagging mess even on a high end pc because of the big
    open world and it felt also at the same time empty. Yeah we get loading
    screens between neighborhoods but whatever because after that actually
    small loading screen everything is loaded and ready to go unlike ts3 where
    you get the white objects that needed to load and sims who needed to spawn
    in first it’s actually the same as a loading screen. Then yeah no pools and
    toddlers are missing but the toddlers where not really special in my
    opinion but I admit I’ll miss the pools. The emotions are also something
    new but in my opinion they give the sims a bit more life then in previous
    sims. Maybe I’m just happy with the sims 4 because I have no problems with
    changes unlike other people who want the same sims over and over again
    without new things. Please no hate it’s just my opinion that I felt to
    write down here

  32. ~matadomz~ says:

    0:15 that hair moves
    the hek

  33. Rasa Trolistė says:

    The voice sounds like Todd Womack from key of awesome. Is it him?

  34. Azyah Campo says:

    Omg I’m so iffy about getting this game. Everyone’s complaining & then
    their are some people praising it. Ugh idk. I love the sims regardless. 

  35. Sella Su says:

    is this the voice of Curtis Paradise ? 

  36. Kiki C says:

    Weird Science!

  37. Apple Top says:

    I really hate that you can die from laughter, I hope someone makes a mod or
    something to avoid stupid deaths like that, because it seems like whenever
    my sims are gonna laugh, they’re gonna die too.

  38. kiwifruitkl says:

    In the Sims 2 tutorial, it is written that the Sims “are smarter than
    ever”. Now, as the Sims 4 official motto, the Sims are “so smart, it’s
    weird”. We’ll see how smart the Sims really are, when they are put to the
    Trapped-In-A-House or Trapped-In-A-Pool test. 

  39. sena conflict says:

    OHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST CANT WAIT!!

  40. 3iheartsims says:

    So are the sims 4 going to be able to walk around the neighborhood like in
    the sims 3 or is it just going to be loading screens?

  41. ReeceVideos says:

    I’m Preloading My Digital Deluxe Of The Sims 4!
    So Excited For The Release! #TheSims4 

  42. Alex Young says:

    As a major Sims fan since the beginning, I can honestly say that I’m
    extremely disappointed with all of the features that have been completely
    cut from the game of Sims 4. I’m no longer even excited for the game
    because the only reason I’d buy it is because I’ve played the rest of the
    In Sims 3, there were a lot of features cut that I really missed, but there
    were some features to make up for that. However, Sims 4 is looking like
    having emotions is supposed to make up for all the missing features. No
    pools? No toddlers? Teens and adults look identical? No create a style? No
    open world? Not as many lots? Loading screens between lots? No rabbit
    holes? Come on, guys. What are you doing to us?!

  43. AllodsJinjer says:

    “not all images are from actual gameplay” WHYYY WOULD YOU DO THAT

  44. The Queen Of YouTube - bengwenken says:

    For the people like me, who are actually excited for the Sims 4, don’t let
    idiots ruin it for you and try to convince you not buy it. You have a mind
    of your own, if you want it, get it, if you don’t, ignore it and move on.

  45. AnthonyBlueregard says:

    Every commercial of Sims 4 they have this freaking rocket what’s with the
    rocketship ?

  46. Seo JooHyun says:

    the real question is will mac players ever get the chance

  47. Rebecca Beane says:

    his voice is so annoying, oh my god. 

  48. SuperNova says:

    The Sims 4 to me is just eww. Besides the new lighting effects it pales in
    graphic comparisons to The Sims 3. And the new emotions they added into the
    game make your sims so corny and dramatic it got annoying quick.

  49. MollyWoodStudi0s says:

    I don’t understand the point of pushing the whole “Weird” aspect. You can
    get weird with your Sims on any of the previous titles. And maybe some of
    us don’t always want our Sim stories to be weird, some of us like the whole
    “real life” aspect. You know, with toddlers… but anyways I’m not going to
    jump on this train quite yet. I’ll wait for reviews and more game play
    videos after the official release and then I’ll make my decision. I love
    the create a Sim and I love how the build mode looks, it’s the actually
    life part I’m not sure about. I just think their marketing strategies are
    horrendous and need improvement.

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