The Sims 4: New Emotions Official Gameplay Trailer

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50 Responses

  1. svellene says:

    When is the trailer for Create A Style Tool coming out? Oh, wait… Perhaps
    a small build mode trailer for those of us who like building houses in the
    game? But without showing us how cool it is to move rooms around, we’ve
    already seen that one a thousand times. This is so disappointing :(

  2. Michaela Russo says:

    Enough with the emotions, we need more trailers about the actual game play
    and the build mode. :I

  3. ButterflyRose. says:

    Was anyone else checking out the background to see what kind of furniture
    and decor there was, instead of looking at the Sims? I’m more interested in
    the interior design of the game xD 

  4. mortalkombatqueen jade says:

    Can u have kids

  5. paradisegunshot says:

    no pools or toddlers. 

  6. Brian Cheung says:

    I just love how that guy just casually walks by the old woman who literally
    just slipped off the treadmill and hit her head in front of him, such a
    gentleman :P

  7. TwistedPlayer says:

    Is it just me or is this game really fucking gay???

  8. KaisWonderfulAdventure says:

    This gets released on my birthday O_O
    ..can’t…..wait…..that…long XD 

  9. Hope says:

    A great marketing strategy is to milk a few key concepts to grow some hype
    but to still have plenty of features hidden until release so that when you
    buy the product it actually feels new. I’m worried about the Sims 4 because
    they are milking *three* concepts, two of which are the same, and haven’t
    even hinted at anything other than these three concepts. The few hints that
    have been dropped were removed from the game (i.e. woohoo skill). Yes,
    there are a couple of little things they haven’t milked which I’m kinda
    excited about, like the whole you can switch neighborhoods at any time, but
    that’s not a hard thing to do when you have to go through a loading screen.
    I’m worried this game is going to be literally this.. The Sims 2 with
    emotions. You moved from the Sims 1 to the Sims 2 because the entire game
    was revamped with futuristic graphics and a new life state and actual
    *aging*. You moved from the Sims 2 to the Sims 3 because it was an open
    world with awesome customization features and incredibly in-depth
    personalities. Why are you moving to the Sims 4? Because emotions affect
    your actions and there are no more sliders? I feel that this game is
    extremely lacking from the looks of all these trailers & presentations. I’m
    worried about this game. Yes, I haven’t played it. Yes, I’ll still buy it
    because of my loyalty & faith in this series. I’m just worried it’ll be a
    terrible, unfinished, buggy as Sims 3, empty game because after seeing the
    same trailer with different scenes/voices 20 times it sure as hell feels
    that that’s how it’s gonna be.

  10. PandaLeeGames says:

    EA is probably the only company in the world that can get people to call
    other fans “whiners, babies and bitches” for removing features such as

    -Pools (since TS1)
    -Toddlers (since TS2)

    Etc. that EA Koolaid must be delicious when you’re considered a baby when
    original features are missing.

  11. MellosSims says:

    All I an say is… YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Going to make a reaction NOW. :D

  12. ihaveaface says:


  13. PressFartToContinue says:

    Is there “anger” and “frustration” emotions for no pools?

  14. Cliffto says:

    At first i was so excited about sims 4, but then after time goes by I think *the
    only* thing they are trying to sell in most videos are the new system of
    CAS and the emotion feature. On the other side, they have lots of
    downgrades. But, yeah… still gonna try it though :l

  15. Punx says:

    Send me a CAS demo you greedy bastards XD

  16. cance7984 says:

    You all have gotten ridiculous about this. In my opinion, toddlers were a
    total nuisance. I won’t miss them. Not one bit. Pools on the other
    hand, will perhaps come out in an expansion pack and I’m willing to pay for
    that. EA is pouring a great deal of money on this game. It’s not like they
    mashed some random features together and omitted pools and toddlers just to
    anger us! CAS, build mode, emotions, and everything else that allows us to
    play with life on a whole new level looks amazing. Have you seen the demo
    for CAS? That isn’t all of the content. I’m not even counting expansion
    packs or CC! Somebody complained about “The Sims 4” being created for
    low-end computers! How selfish can you get?! All over some tiny aspects. EA
    has given fair reasons and I’m so excited to buy a copy in a month. You
    should be ashamed of yourselves for saying these rude, self-centered
    remarks to The Sims Team when they slaved over the game to make it
    the incredible experience that it is, and will still be. If you cancelled
    your pre-order then you’re the one missing out.

  17. Joshua Flerbas says:

    And all of these emotions are in all the sims games. so what exactly is new?
    And are we ever actually going to see some actual gameplay, and not
    We need to learn the feel of the game. And how to play it with whatever new
    features there are. Not be shown what we already know. Repeatedly….

  18. Dezzines™ says:

    its released on my birthday and my daughter is due on my birthday…gonna
    be a great birthday this year!! :D

  19. deivis1091 says:

    I remember when The Sims 3 was just released and many people hated the game
    for the graphics and how those sims looked like. They said that The Sims 2
    is way better. After a year many people started to like The Sims 3 more and
    more, so I think that is the same thing with The Sims 4. Eventually more
    people will like this game as well. I like it.

  20. Mimyakko says:

    Please give us an Urbz expansion pack or a game on the PS4/Xbox One!

  21. Mikka Luu says:

    Constant emotion trailers. Seems fishy to me…. Go ahead and tell us how
    crappy the gameplay experience is already which is why you have yet to post
    a real gameplay trailer.

  22. Hikariko says:

    Gameplay trailer are good and all, but I would like to see gameplay. :/

  23. Chloe Saunders says:

    Am I the only one who’s happy about the no toddler thing? Those annoying
    little shits

  24. Jae says:

    Stop teasing us and release the game early!

  25. chickenchicken35 says:

    Yeah.. still no.

  26. jadafun says:


    Am I the only one who loves literally EVERYTHING about the sims 4, and has
    no complaints about any of it? I guess I can understand where others are
    coming from, but none of the stuff anyone’s whining about bothers me!
    Inferior graphics from sims 3? I personally like the non realistic, cartoon
    style, a lot of games try too hard to be ultra-realistic, I like this style
    much better. Sims emotions getting in the way of what you want them to do?
    It’s more realistic that way! In real life, no one gets over a funeral in a
    minute just because they need to go to a party and be happy. Graphics
    aren’t real enough, emotions are too real, there are no pools, there are no
    toddlers, EA are money grabbing greedy people and I judge all of their
    games badly because of this no matter how good it looks! Whine, whine,
    moan, and whine!


  27. Pavlin Petkov says:

    I want to be able to do drugs , get drunk , have orgies , smoke weed , kill
    people , hitting them with my car , light people on fire , push them off
    windows , did i say kill them no ? kill them. 

  28. Brandon James says:

    Hate how there’s no mac release date 

  29. Diogo Loureiro says:

    And I thought the next sims would feature cooperative or multiplayer
    gameplay… I’m so naive.

  30. opollo says:

    Still blurry when naked!

  31. GameGeek1221 says:

    Woah cool, emotions, i will have to buy them or are they free?

  32. Momo Colourful Child says:

    Something I don’t understand, your sims got embarrassed, sad and all this
    stuff in the sims three? What makes this different other than the graphics?

  33. Flávio Abreu says:

    0:44 that is one hot sim…

  34. Wowzabunny says:

    so this is an expansion for sims 2?

  35. Bryony Pike says:

    I would like to ask a very serious question…Can the children go to school
    on the school bus? Can we see our sims walk to the park? Can we see any of
    that? If not I will be seriously annoyed. They made out the game was such a
    step in the right direction, it was until it all started going down hill.
    EA need to buck their ideas up otherwise this game isn’t going to lift off
    the ground. 

  36. ForumLight says:

    “new emotions”?
    Happy: Sims 3
    Angry: Sims 3
    Playful: (Silly) in Sims 3
    Confident: (Brave) in Sims 3
    Sad: Sims 3
    Bored: Sims 3
    Energized: Sims 3
    Flirty: Sims 3
    Uncomfortable: Sims 3
    Focused: That’s not an emotion, that’s a mental ability. And what, so they
    don’t get cheated in chess?
    Dazed: That’s not an emotion – that’s a physical state after being injured.
    Inspired: Sims 3
    Tension: Sims 3
    Embarrased: Sims 3

    New Emotions? Where?

    And for worse graphics where people look more like cartoons?

    Big Personalities? Why, because there’s another “angry” animation?

    More Stories? People can still make even more stories in Sims 3.

    I point all this out b/c I experienced what EA did to Simcity – it was
    released broken and sorely lacking, the devs covered it up b/c they knew
    they had no choice due to EA’s forced release date and after they milked
    their loyal fans of all they were worth (fans who just assumed good will of
    the company), the lead designer left (no wondering why – he realize EA
    ruined them) the game died and was abandoned.

    Offline impossible became “well since the game is ruined here’s offline

    Now that I look closer at these ‘hype’ videos about Sims 4, I’m seeing a
    similar trend.

    It’s completely FALSE that there are “new emotions” and “new emotions” is
    all they seem to be marketing about the game.

    If I was you guys I’d wait at least a week, if not a month, so you can find
    out if it’s just another ripoff feeding off the loyal fanbase, fueled by
    EA’s greed and foolishness.

  37. India Hamilton says:

    Seems remarkably like sims 3 if you ask me

  38. no says:

    Okay. What is up with the graphics?

  39. ShifraSays says:

    0:13 that is an ENORMOUS dollhouse 😮
    lucky kids!

  40. MonikaYta says:

    Can you stop showing us things that we already saw? We are waiting for the
    game, so you could show us some stuff, game play.. We already saw there are
    emotions. For me, it looks like weak version of sims 3. Better CAS and
    emotions can’t change toddlers and pools. If you create new version of
    something, you have to make it better, add something, but not take things
    off. I don’t want to make people angry, but seriously, how can a newborns
    just age up to like 8 year olds? It only made sense in sims 1. So why not
    showing us somethig you didn’t before? Like furniture?

  41. dillonft says:

    We knew all of this already..?

  42. Julianadowns says:

    I still hate these graphics. I always will, I promise.

  43. king danduman says:

    Has anyone seen cars?

  44. lubylu312 says:


  45. simieforever says:

    Omg!! I honestly can’t wait to play TS4. Looks so freaking amazing!! I
    might even have to request the day off of the release hehe (:

  46. MsWannabeGamer says:

    This game is not worth the money, not by a long shot. It’s currently one of
    the most expensive games on the market and what are its main features? New
    emotions. Are you fucking kidding me?

  47. dragonsissiy says:

    So lets make a list here:
    Base game things removed, like pools and toddlers, in order to meet the
    release date.
    Create-A-Style gone, for Sims 2 choices.
    Emotions that already exist in Sims 3 and 2, constantly being repeated as a
    marketing value.
    Art style changed to be between sims 2 and 3.
    Sims apparently just walk off the lot and disappear in order to go to
    school/work. (~cough~ Sims 2 ~cough~)
    Improved build mode mechanics.
    The store is more integrated into the game.
    Nothing really new that you can’t already do in previous titles, aside from
    sims being able to multitask slightly more than before.

    So as I’ve stated since the beginning, this game is going backwards in the
    series. They are not providing a new game, let alone a progressing game
    into the series. Seems to me Sims 3 was the most progressive in the series
    as far as content and new gameplay is concerned, and I’m not counting the
    horrible bugs that made the game unplayable since day 1. You guys need to
    understand that these videos they are showing have nothing to do with the
    actual gameplay.

    Not only has EA demonstrated that they never listen to their fanbase, but
    they aim to give a swift kick to the sims series as they did with sim city.
    Remember, EA has received the “worst company” award twice in a row for 2
    years. As part of the sims fanbase I refuse to promote such an unfinished
    game for 60$ asking price. Hell, even 40$ would be asking too much for a
    game that literally went back in time. I would much rather wait another
    year for them to properly fix the game and add content that people actually
    want and has been in the base game since the beginning. I know for a fact
    the game is going to be broken as hell when it comes out.

  48. chiaxfou says:

    I just want to see the school and jobs…. :(

  49. lovelyxmai says:

    SO EXCITED \(^_^)/ I hope my laptop can handle the game though, because it
    already lags a bit (a lot) with the sims 3, but if I plug it in it’s
    usually not very laggy.

  50. Shinisou says:

    Emotions are great and everything but I think people want to know more
    about the actual game like will there be more jobs/careers, skills,
    furniture, more recipes, more wallpaper/flooring options, more things for
    elders to do so they aren’t so damn boring? where are the details!

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