The Sims 4 Lp #8 : Testing Cheats .

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6 Responses

  1. cassy millett says:

    “Dude go to work!” *what hes probably thinking* Luke shut up im trying to
    f**kin sleep
    “LOOK AT DAT BUTT MAN LOOK AT DAT!” xD your so awesome xD
    Im the same way when it comes to building im just like “IM GOING TO BUILD A
    AWESOME HOUSE” *5 mins later* “oh f**k it!”
    I love how when they got flirty and you were going to make them flirt with
    each other everyone just comes over
    you have to have like both sims have perfect needs its so annoying but the
    romantic interactions are so cute! i just love it
    im excited to see you build a house I imagine like a mansion or something
    idk but i bet it will be epic!
    I love your videos more every time i watch them they are just so amazing
    *hugs* your awesome! :D

  2. Tasos Karamanidis says:

    can you buy my house now its called flower heaven

  3. Madiya Jabeen says:


  4. arrowlaylowpepper says:

    Lmao…dat booty! I haven’t even noticed it in my game, but my sim’s butt
    is so big it kinda makes everyone else look normal.
    I haven’t tried building yet either, but I think I will after work. I feel
    like Luke..I don’t feel like going to work!!!! But I have to….
    Thanks for starting my day with a smile. I’m always in a better mood at
    work if I watch a DG vid when I wake up! *hugs*

  5. Dramatic-Gamer says:

    No more big Booty ! , I love You all ♥

  6. tHeCrAfTiNgTuRtLe says:

    You would’ve twerked good with that a**- 2014

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