The Sims 4 – Let’s Play (w/ Facecam) – Part 24 – “Baby To Child”

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20 Responses

  1. kay miller says:

    In wallpapers if you actually keep looking in different things like the
    paneling section you can find better stuff

  2. B-dawg8504 says:

    I love this series. Wish this was for the console but I know it will come

  3. Jerome Patterson says:

    I think you can change your son’s look in the mirror and dresser 

  4. Tania-M says:

    you gave Liam an uncomfortable bed. You can give him a regular (adult) bed,
    it works too.

  5. Orges Boshnjaku says:

    What happend at 2:38..he walked throw the wall :\

  6. sanders georges says:

    Use the dresser to change up the kids outfit

  7. I Failed Bad says:


  8. Silver the Hog rider says:

    Dan. Can you please please please at least say your going to do a gameplay
    of 5 nights at Freddy’s. Because a lot of people are dieing to see your
    reaction on that game. 

  9. Lifestory18 says:

    this game looks like shit

  10. jovan lima says:

    Barack Obama sent me here

  11. Aidan Duty says:


  12. picklesrule69 says:

    You forgot to add the roof on the new room

  13. JoeTheMobileFool says:

    You should upgrade your kitchen. Oh BTW, your gf is Tara. If not ignore,
    but on my homework someone was named Tara so I pit Tara an Dan!

  14. Aidan Duty says:


  15. jeffhardyrules1991 says:

    Kids room needs a lamp 

  16. sanders georges says:

    Use the dresser to change up the kids outfit

  17. TastinRapier contooelflow says:

    Good vid. Dan 

  18. TOMBuster13 says:

    You should change your son’s appearence. Get him some Dan-Swag! :P

  19. Nahian Khan says:

    Lol you got me with that jill joke never heard of that before

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