The Sims 4 – Let’s Play – “The Sea Monster”

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18 Responses

  1. Starkiller says:

    YAY PART 29!!! 

  2. gaming news says:

    Dan’s New haircut and im like slow Down bro save some Ladies for us 

  3. Jp Pr says:

    Just re-load your last save and redo it!!….it only 18min pass.

  4. Justin Chau says:

    I don’t think Liam can live by himself if he’s a teenager…

  5. Jp Pr says:


  6. Jaron Shealy says:

    Hey dan do you want kids in real life to carry on the family name Quinn 

  7. ZeSpecter says:

    Dan, you should cheat to make them adults again. They’re too old :(

  8. LightningStrike says:

    Dan can u play forza horizon 2?

  9. Jack Owens says:


  10. ManInThe PurpleSuit says:

    Also my man, I think you can click on the little briefcase over your sims
    icon while they’re at work to make them work harder, like licking the
    boss’s ass and shit, should help you get that promotion a bit earlier!

  11. briar rode says:

    If i see Liam walking around in the park trying to eat my food, forgive me
    if I say no Dan LOL

  12. Mega says:

    How is Liam in 8th grade? He sounds like he’s in 4th lol.

  13. TheSkyrimBacon says:

    Nice Bro

  14. Simon Johansson says:

    I think you should ler dan and tara die and then continue it with liam

  15. Jp Pr says:

    Whyyyyy!!! Dan!!! Why!! Your alway forgot to save every-time…if you save
    before your sim get old and buy potion thing will better than this.

  16. DanQ8000 says:

    Sorry about the commentary quality, guys. The program I use to record vocal
    audio ended up crashing during the recording. It therefore doesn’t save
    anything that was done. Fortunately, I was able to use the audio from the
    face camera recording instead. Parts 29 and 30 are the only ones affected.
    Thanks guys!

  17. ManInThe PurpleSuit says:


  18. jeffhardyrules1991 says:

    All the hobos will be happy now they have a free kitchen in their park.

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