❤ The Sims 4 – Lets Play [Part 6 Man Hunt!] (Premium Edition) w/ GamerChick

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8 Responses

  1. Joseph B. says:

    i’ve heard of that too i’ve played it once at a friend’s house. you’ll do
    great +GamerChick 

  2. Spinzig C says:

    Young George Takei at the bar :P

  3. Jake0007 says:

    Guess everyone in that town is too wasted to party after 1am. xD Know of a
    club or two that didn’t close till 830 am. 

  4. anthony forzano says:

    this is great and i am anxious to see what you do with the legacy series.

  5. Joseph B. says:

    +GamerChick i was wondering if you could play either DayZ or Unturned
    unturned is on steam you seam like a zombie slayer in my eyes

  6. Simone Flori says:

    Hey Sherman 

  7. Rkay421 says:

    im really liking this series cant wait to see the next part

  8. Isaac Gondel says:

    I feel like there is something missing between part 5 and 6 in part 5 the
    last thing they did was got o bed and the opening or part 6 she is coming
    home and has her promotion?

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