The Sims 4 – Let’s Play – “Back To Work Already”

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16 Responses

  1. andy diaz says:

    They are old already 

  2. TOMBuster13 says:

    You should get Tara and Daniel old people’s clothes! XD 

  3. Th Lim says:

    Dan i have an idea.. Why don’t you make another sim after this one dies and
    the next game use hack instead of playing it legit

  4. usef fullenweider says:

    Nice haircut Dan 🙂

  5. B-dawg8504 says:

    I think that if/when Tara and Dan die you should have fun making Liam go
    evil. Or make him impregnate multiple sims without ever committing to any!
    #DeadBeatDad for the win

    Just have fun and we will watch. Or just grind him on the skills. Before
    your sims die make them use their reward store stuff and give it to Liam by
    putting into the world then in his inventory. That way you can keep him

  6. Joshua Tomalin says:

    Dan, you should make Liam’s career path the criminal career, it doesn’t pay
    well to start with but with all the money you have saved up should be fine
    until he gets to the top levels of criminality!

  7. Mauricio Guevara says:

    Dan today i sow some other videos and the demo for Foza Horizon 2 came out

  8. jariekyyo says:

    As strange as it seems I find it interesting that perhaps Liam does take up
    the criminal or spy career paths I imagine it’d be interesting.

  9. Noble De los santos says:

    i watched this when it was 5 hrs ago aka 10:18

  10. jeffhardyrules1991 says:

    Breakfast of champions 

  11. Josh Blackwell says:

    Unique means different all of them are unique

  12. hva faen skal jeg hete says:

    +DanQ8000 will you play hyrule warriors wii u?.

  13. Zappi Dappi says:

    Awesome haircut man

  14. Nahian Khan says:

    First to say first

  15. Jaime Ruiz says:

    Dude that beard is getting majestic 

  16. DanQ8000 says:

    Sorry about the commentary quality, guys. The program I use to record vocal
    audio ended up crashing during the recording. It therefore doesn’t save
    anything that was done. Fortunately, I was able to use the audio from the
    face camera recording instead. Parts 29 and 30 are the only ones affected.
    Thanks guys!

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