The Sims 4: Lets Build A House Live Stream

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20 Responses

  1. jumbonuts99 says:

    sleep over ???

  2. FlipArtz says:

    Callie, wanna skype call me after? I left a super long message..

  3. Meat Ogra-2K says:

    watched you on tsg your just keeping it real so you get my sub good vid

  4. JayDee Frizzle says:

    hehehehe ” thats a little to big for my liking” hehehhehe

  5. PoppiD08 says:

    ok that one dosnt work

  6. FlipArtz says:


  7. Psyco4reason says:

    damn you hacker!\

  8. Jacob Hyland-Lewin says:

    all of them

  9. FlipArtz says:

    lol i feel like people are googling dinosaurs to figure out what they like

  10. HollowPoint_423 says:

    Hey, I see you blocked me on Twitter. I think you got confused when I was
    tweeting to that POS perverted trucker troll a week ago or so.

  11. Nicolas Haw Fan Lun says:


  12. DhaniDhanz - Gameplay Comms & Awkward Outros says:


  13. JayDee Frizzle says:

    your making me want to buy the sims and i shouldnt lol

  14. PoppiD08 says:

    kids have book bags , adults have back packs…. lol

  15. DhaniDhanz - Gameplay Comms & Awkward Outros says:

    Poppi wts uur XBL/PSN?

  16. PoppiD08 says:


  17. JayDee Frizzle says:

    i used to play the sims all the time but i shouldnt spend the money yet lol

  18. FlipArtz says:

    I might be at work from 4-8pm

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