The Sims 4: Langley Family – The Verdict…

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20 Responses

  1. Alexandra Lucas says:

    Mixologist is a branch of the culinary career – I think.

  2. dolly vlogs says:

    did i miss something?

  3. dolly vlogs says:

    oh my gosh i was waiting for this part to come!!! who else was?

  4. Tiffany Cyrus says:

    Good one

  5. DJ Nik says:

    mqi you are awesome

  6. Cira B says:

    woah, wtf happened around 19:01? is the bwuh noise normal, haha. either way
    it was strange, was that just me who heard that?

  7. Crystal Styles says:

    EARLY OMG like if your under 301 club

  8. Alia Wang says:

    what if she has triplets.

  9. BlueFluffyTedyLuv4Eva150 says:

    Little tip if you want her to get maternity leave you need to have a sim
    with high skill in writing I don’t know exactly what level I think about
    three or more and they need to write a letter on the computer for the sim
    to get leave :)

  10. XUrbanSimsX says:

    Luh you girl! This LP is too damn cute!

  11. izzpgplays says:

    Girl: Alex or Alexandra Boy: Alex or Alexander

  12. izzpgplays says:

    MORE GIRL NAMES: Melony, Melody, Crystal, Amber, Star, Sapphire, Ruby or
    Emma :3

  13. DJ Nik says:

    #sup #early

  14. Robyn Clark says:


  15. MalibuSimmer says:

    I wonder if she’s going to have twins….

  16. Kevyy says:

    Amila Gabrielle Destiny Estelle Patricia Kaylee Victoriana Savannah Amanda
    Lillian Lila Lola Fiona Beatrice Heather Jasmine Courtney Kayla Laurie Mae
    Maria Tina Vanessa Brittany Tiffany

    Jordon Joseph Jeremiah Elliott Adrian Darwin Derek Marco Jimmy John Edward
    Emilio Zack Tony Daniel Quincy Amir Avery Jody Vincent Phillip Nathan Kyle
    Cody Anthony River Austin Nic Ken Christopher Dylan Frankie Gage Devin
    Mario Ashton Hayden Caleb

    So many names. Hopes this helps. Lol love you +MaiSims 

  17. keiry breedy says:

    girl i don’t even like the sims 4 so far but i have been waiting on this

  18. michele martinez says:

    Girl: Sarah-Lyn, Maria,Joy-Anna, Olive, Cleo, Hestice, Maylin.
    Boy: oliver,Oliver, OLiver, OLIver, OLIVer, OLIVEr, OLIVER!!!!!!!!

  19. mistressbsb says:

    I think Annas book got deleted. you can purchase another one from the
    bookcase. cant remember what tab its under. I also think mixology branches
    off of the culinary career. not sure what level thou

  20. izzpgplays says:


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