The Sims 4: It’s Amber – Weirder Stories Official Trailer

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50 Responses

  1. LoveBgc123 says:

    She has them tig o’l bitties 

  2. Jonathan Davies says:

    Somebody file an Amber-alert because I think she’s lost her mind.

  3. lydia mckinney says:

    The Sims 4 crew should focus more on making pools and toddlers happen, and
    less on trying to convince us thy’re funny with these boring useless

  4. Miette C says:

    EA stop it. You’re not making your game any better by saying all of this.
    You took out so much that the game doesn’t even seem that playable.

  5. MellosSims says:

    Let’s be honest: Amber is the girl that we all want to watch as a reality
    show. Don’t pretend her life doesn’t look interesting. ;)

  6. king danduman says:

    I don’t really care about the stuff they removed apart from toddlers. if
    they merged them with babies it would have been okay because who honestly
    liked babies. They could make the baby/toddler just have a diaper, I would
    have been okay with that. They’ve been adding more and more life stages
    with every game, I was hoping for a pre-teen or older kid stage but they
    just take away a stage instead. I hope they can add both of those life
    stages in an expansion or an update but I still will get the game. And I
    know the no open world is upsetting for a lot of people, I too will de
    upset if the worlds aren’t big enough because in a video they showed us a a
    photo of the map and it wasn’t big.

  7. Xsweet Sims says:

    the background im guessing is Strangetown, it looks so good! <3
    Amber does need to put on a better bra though.... XD And she shouldn't be
    dancing like that at a sleepover XD

  8. Justin Fedrick says:

    Whats her name?

  9. Mr. Horseshoe says:

    Too bad there won’t be any pools to drown her in. 

  10. StarCatcher525 says:

    I don’t like Amber.

  11. Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer says:

    Strange, very strange.

  12. PandaLeeGames says:

    Okay I’m not impressed by Amber. She has no real story like the Goth family
    or the many others that had a changing story for the last few games. I know
    this is the first game with Amber but I can’t even tell her personality. It
    seems her character is just so scatterbrained. No direction the development
    team stuck with.

  13. .:J.M.Concept:. says:

    Fatter sims look better in sims 4, you can make them curvy and have a
    pointy jaw line. Fat sims in sims 3 looked like fucking potatoes with
    double chins….

  14. Amber Kindpaws says:

    The awkward moment when your just sitting there. Noticing that she has the
    same name.

  15. MEGplaysSIMS says:

    She’s so cute I hope they’re all playable!

  16. HuntedMC says:

    What in the actual fuck was this meant to show.
    This must of taken like 30 minutes to produce, including the ‘song?’
    keep churning out shit pls EA

  17. AllSimsFanatic says:

    Amber is a hottie! xD

  18. brmamitay says:

    Amber is lame. How about u guys go make some Toddlers ,pools, and babies
    that are not just objects. Make a cool Video about that. This Amber crap
    please… LOL

  19. sweetpies226 says:

    It looks barely any different to The Sims 2 (visually), and probably not in
    the gameplay either.

  20. Philip Kaiten says:

    OMG there’s planes too !!?!? 0:30

  21. SimsNetwork says:

    Her name is Amberrrr <3

  22. Lulu Plays Sims says:

    What did I just watch omg

  23. Jas Cas says:

    My thoughts towards this game are really conflicted. I really don’t know if
    I want to buy it or not. There’s just quite a few things I don’t
    understand, such as the no toddler thing, I want a CLEAR explanation from
    EA as to why they couldn’t be added. Their original ‘explanation’ wasn’t
    really an explanation at all, they just rambled on about their new and
    fantastic engine, but if it’s so fantastic then surely all the most
    important features that have been present in all Sims games shouldn’t be a
    problem. I’m truly concerned about their plans for this iconic game, they
    already ruined SimCity.

    But on the other hand, I just love the vibrant and colourful graphics, the
    cartoon-ish look makes the game look more fun to me. I also love how smooth
    it looks, Sims don’t seem to pause before using stairs or freeze in
    doorways. The gameplay itself looks more fluent and enjoyable and the
    emotions bring life to the game. I’m just not sure if I want to spend £60
    on it. (Maybe I’ll pirate it. Arr, kidding!)

  24. Mehdi Sadik says:

    Da hell a girl next door is everything but strange!

  25. Ludodave says:

    TS4:i have a amber

    TS2&3:and we have todlers and pools

  26. laurita wavertinwe says:

    someone just told me there will be 2 towns :O fuck the pools(never use
    them) and toddlers 2 towns are cooler !!! :O (still the toddlers :c)

  27. jedielliott says:

    How come there won’t be toddlers or pools?

  28. AshleyNicoleduhh says:

    Is it just me or are they trying to bombard us with tons of gameplay vids
    trying to get us excited to make us forget about our unhappiness with the
    things they took out? Nice try guys but nobody gives a single fck about

  29. Old Mate Ultramatic says:

    If I ever get this game, Amber will be going straight to my dungeon.

  30. DutchRedGaming says:

    Omg you can nake selfies. Best game 2014 :)

  31. CrunchyCookie08 says:

    can people stop fucking complaining? do you know how much work even goes
    into making a game like this? do you know how much pressure is put onto EA
    right now? they want us fans to be happy and experience things that we’ve
    never had before in the previous generations of the sims. obviously to do
    that they need to take out some other features. i didn’t like the news of
    them taking out toddlers and pools, but for fuck’s sake stop complaining.
    i’m getting sick and tired of reading all your bullshit on every single
    sims 4 video. just think of all the new features we will be getting.
    emotions, into the future style things in the base game (we’ve never had
    that before, and for a modern furniture lover like me that’s big!) ,
    multitasking, deeper detail when it comes to nearly everything including
    planning parties, different interactions, furniture, the way objects affect
    your sims, how lights look on walls and so on. i’m sure we will get pools
    in a future expansion so be patient. 

  32. Kintomar says:

    THE WORK. when I saw that guy on his knees proposing to Amber I got so

  33. GamerGirl says:

    I keep watching this over and over again lol.

  34. LifeSimmer says:

    That song was adorable! This is what I love.

  35. Iron Seagull says:

    That rejection at 0:18 wow XD

  36. GameswithColee says:


  37. robotman5 says:

    what did i just watch?

  38. Ansett 4 Sims | RomerJon17 Productions says:

    I came back… Why is this addictive? xD

  39. RealSimWivesHD says:

    Amber has some big ole boobies. 

  40. halfmonochromy says:

    people should feel bad for the maxis dev team, they put so much love and
    thought into it, it’s EA and it’s marketing team that’s being a bitch

    like, making a game is an artform. The artists, the programmers, the
    animators, it’s all hard work and they want it to be a game they would play
    too! If they COULD they would put it ALL into the game, believe me.

  41. ItsJustMia says:

    Great…Can we have the game now please? 

  42. Jam'sGaming says:

    So excited! I read the release date and I’m like “September 2nd? Oh that’s
    ages away” but then I realised.

  43. Toomix | Minecraft Videos &Co. says:

    Oh my god, i’m so excited for the Sims 4 ♥

  44. Epiphany says:

    She’s got all the right junk in all the right places! Seriously, you know
    shes all about that bass and NO treble! ;)

  45. mynameisnotapplicable says:

    They’re deleting comments now wow

  46. Boogster Su says:

    I guess EA doesn’t want swimming pools in Sims 4.

    Fine, I’ll have a ball pit instead…

  47. TheEllfGirl says:

    If this game doesn’t tank I’m going to be really, really impressed.
    Normally I wouldn’t be the pessimist, but when it comes to EA, I am
    unforgiving. :\

  48. Mathesims says:

    Awesome! I think once people get the game, they will be hooked!

  49. Moonshadow Dark says:

    Awww she’s such a cutie.

    Almost makes you not want to trap her in a room and starve her to death.



  50. Blitz Knight says:

    0:24 She hit that guy in the gut with her booty!

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