The Sims 4 Info/Thoughts: Expandable Worlds, New Patch!

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10 Responses

  1. Universalis says:

    Thanks! Great video! :)

  2. Who Is Ryan Taylor? says:

    hey thanks for keeping us updated on sims news/updates/patches/etc. please
    keep doing these types of vids. they’re really helpful :)

  3. thatsweetsimmer says:

    I love these 😀 Love ya breasty keep it up! ♥

  4. xdarkness22x says:

    I really really REALLY hope we get a world thats all commercial buildings.
    The lack of commercial buildings is my biggest beef with Sims 4.

  5. NJprincessO says:

    Like lol

  6. Iron Seagull says:

    New #TheSims4 Info/Thoughts video! New patch, expandable worlds, and more!

  7. SIMple Bliss says:

    Thanks for continuing your updates! I am THRILLED that we can now turn off
    the white aura around the objects and Sims. :)

  8. MySimsAddiction says:

    I love the new little object! I can’t figure out how to turn off the “glow”
    things though /:

  9. RGLover641 says:

    I wish they would fix it where your friends or lovers would stop coming to
    visit all the time and stand at the door for like 2 hours. =/ Even if I’m
    at work. I really want toddlers back and seasons, pets, and ambitions
    xpack. More jobs plz :D

  10. Simzela says:

    Why didn’t we get a bigger neighborhood then. Ugh, the base game worlds
    upset me >,>

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