The Sims 4: Hunter Sims gameplay pt1 – Welcome to the Neighborhood

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20 Responses

  1. Luka Pochi says:

    So the neighborhood is like the old The sims 1 now? What a joke… 

  2. myuhdidas says:

    Boooooo. Lol. I used to love the sims as a kid man. Good game to play, just
    not to watch lol imo.

  3. Awesome Recapitulation says:

    I’m eager to see in what direction this playthrough will go.

  4. Gaming with Mikey! says:

    All I’m hearing about Sims 4 is that it’s missing a ton of features from
    the previous games and that this one is pretty boring apparently. They
    wouldn’t even give out review copies for crying out loud, if that doesn’t
    sound dodgy, I don’t know what would… It will be interesting to see
    Phil’s perspective and hear his opinion on it.

    *Edit:* Here is a list to all the things removed from Sims 4:

  5. TheDkmariolink says:

    Looks like the vanilla sims 3 lol… expect 1000 DLC’s that all cost 25$.

  6. Kitkat456456 says:

    Phil if you’re going to play this you might as well give minecraft a try 

  7. john lenon says:

    thank god panda isn’t here that would’ve been a deal breaker for me 

  8. themasterassassian says:


  9. Zach Marcowicz says:

    In a couple weeks they are releasing the FIRST sims DLC, called “Basic
    Content DLC” for only a simple 59.99 

  10. Ryley Lupul says:

    Looking forward to seeing you play this Phil! hopefully your power doesnt
    go out tho tonight 8000 people are without it in Seattle right now.

  11. vanessa goode says:

    Wait until he finds out about the WooHoo.

  12. jeff kelly says:

    This dude will play anything for a few bucks huh..?

  13. Death Artic says:

    Lol , nice one dude.

  14. Sheogorath says:

    Not watching. Not due to DSP, but due to EA being greedy mother fuckers.
    They are withholding content just so they can sell it down the road in
    future DLCs. That. Is. Bullshit. Fuck you, EA.

  15. TheDkmariolink says:

    I was too busy playing Dangan Ronpa 2 to watch this on stream lol.

  16. lilceejay98 says:

    lol only one person living alone it looks so sad for him

  17. Reza Nabavi says:

    can you shoot people in this game?

  18. LegendarySilverWolf . says:

    Aka baby sitting sims 4

  19. KGhaleon says:

    Damn, been waiting to see Phil play a Sims game. Though I really wish he
    had created himself in-game, that would be hilarious.

    0:19 Nice to see a Sim die no more than 20 seconds in…lol

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